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This is when one of the most important factors for establishing a stable Muslim country in Yemen is dependent on substantial tribal support and adoption, and gaining their trust so that they enter the struggle and contribute to establishing the government and protecting it.

It is worth mentioning here that the entity that the tribes are going to confront in their fight will be just the Yemeni government, it will be international and regional apostasy.

It is also worth mentioning that the situation on the ground imposes the importance of differentiating between the North and the South, as the situation in the South cannot wait any longer.

This is due to the people’s intense anger towards the government and the huge amount of injustice inflicted on the people by the government, in addition to the nobilisation conducted by Al-Hirak.

These two factors made large sectors of the people in the South dare to revolt, prepare for armed confrontation, and fight against the government.

As for North Yemen, I see that it is in the same condition as the rest of the countries in the region, as far as the people not being ready to fight against the government.

Therefore, I see that we do not seek a truce in the South, as it goes against the fabric of the people in their movement to lift the injustice put upon them.

It will lead to us losing most of the government opponents.

We should not follow their lead.

Nonetheless, we benefit from the tense atmosphere in spreading our call to Allah among the Muslim ranks in the South.

This is because the current anger is led by Al-Hirak, and it is allied to the United States and the Gulf states.

Accordingly, not declaring a truce does not mean that we escalate against the government in the South and enter into a fight against the military, as it would not bring the desired outcome.

This is because the sons of the northern tribes will be targeted in the fight.

The commoners in these tribes do not realise that the military are apostates.

So the tribes will think that we increased the bloodshed, and people will talk among the tribes saying that Al-Qaedah kill too much.

This would distance many people from us and might lead to a tribal uprising to fight against us in revenge for their sons.

This also means that we do not jump to establish an Islamic State in the South at the first chance of the government losing control in the South.

The reason for this is what we mentioned earlier, that we are not yet ready to cover the people with the umbrella of Islamic rule.

The reasons are that the people have needs and requirements, and the lack of these requirements is the main reason for their revolt against the ruler.

We cannot provide for these needs in light of the battle and siege of the whole world against us.

It is human nature that they will go with whoever better provides them with these needs and requirements.

The animosity of the world and its siege against the Mujahideen is well known to the people, so no matter how much they love the Mujahideen, they will not stand beside them under these circumstances.

It is apparent from this that most people in Yemen, if given a choice between a government formed by Al-Qaedah or a government formed directly or indirectly by any of the Gulf states – such as if they give support to Ali Salim Al-Bayd or any other who has administrative ability – they will choose the government that is formed by the Gulf states, either in the North or the South.

The simple reason for this is that they think that these are Muslim governments and that they have the ability to provide them the necessities of their livelihoods.

These are the demands of the people.

To stay away from wishful thinking and hope, we have to look at the people’s revolution in the South like it is a boulder rolling down the side of a mountain.

It is a benefit to whoever takes it.

However, stopping it to our benefit is difficult, as it naturally will end up with the person who has the ability to control it, and who is at the current time, the Yemeni opposition, which is supported by the Gulf states.

– To be continued.


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