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We still have a large force we are able to gather and prepare.

And if we suppose that the suitable conditions for establishing an Islamic State in Yemen that can be preserved are realised in three years, for example, then beginning Jihad before that time is unwise because the forces would be squandered and it would take longer to prepare.

– All the while not achieving their primary goal, which is to establish the Religion.

It is our desire, and the desire of the brothers in Yemen, to establish the Religion and restore the Khaliphate, to include all the countries of the Islamic World.

Allah Willing, that will be followed by other conquests that we are able to achieve by continuing to wage Jihad at the fronts that are prepared for combat, while holding off at the fronts that are not yet prepared, such as Yemen.

This is until they become prepared and until combat at those fronts will produce results that aid in establishing a guided Khaliphate, Allah Willing.

What demonstrates the dangers in beginning a fight before the necessary elements have been put in place is the failure of the coup attempted by the socialists in Yemen, which was due to their haste in beginning before putting in place the elements necessary to success.

These included securing the loyalty of the surrounding tribes and other such items, despite the fact that what pushed them to do this was the increase in assassinations among their cadre.

– Be it assassination by way of murder at the hands of the Mujahideen or the assassination by granting money from the President, which drew them to him.

As you know, the duty of Jihad does not mean establishing it in every territory, including the territories in which the elements of success have not been achieved.

Jihad is a means to establish the Religion


It might be brought down by an inability to do so without being brought down by the preparation for it.

This would be the case if most of those with experience in Jihad decided that the elements necessary for success had not been achieved, such that the desired results could be realised.

By Allah’s Grace, Jihad is underway at several fronts, and these are sufficient, by His Will and His Glory.

– Plus, by the steadfastness of the Mujahideen there, to perform the function of bleeding the head of the kuffar, America, such that it is defeated, Allah Willing.

Then, the Islamic Nation will be able to expel that which has stricken it with weakness, servility, and degradation.

The interest of the Mujahideen in knowing that which effects the enlightenment of the people of the Islamic Nation and is met with acceptance by the people is sufficient, Allah Willing, to rescue the Ummah from the oppression of the ignorant and the misled.

Thus, the plague that exists in the nations of Muslims has two causes:

The first is the presence of American hegemony and the second is the presence of rulers that have abandoned Islamic Law and who identify with the hegemony, serving its interests in exchange for securing their own interests.

The only way for us to establish the Religion and alleviate the plague which has befallen Muslims is to remove this hegemony which has imposed on the nations and worshippers and which transforms them, such that no regime that rules on the basis of Islamic Law remains.

The way to remove this hegemony is to continue our direct attrition against the American enemy until it is broken and is too weak to interfere in the matters of the Islamic World.

After this phase comes the phase in which the second cause – rulers who have abandoned the Sharee’ah – are toppled, and this will be followed by the phase in which Allah’s Religion is established and Islamic Law rules.

The focus must be on actions that contribute to the intention of bleeding the American enemy.

As for actions that do not contribute to the purpose of bleeding the egregious enemy, many of them dilute our efforts and exhaust our energy.

The effect of this on the greater war in general is clear, as is the resulting delay in the phases leading to the establishment of an Islamic Khaliphate, Allah Willing.

– To be continued.



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