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On top of that is the speed with which they comprehend the texts of these without the need for translation.

Based on this knowledge, the enemies have focused the bulk of their campaign against the Islamic World on the Arabs, particularly in the destructive media bombardment against Arab culture and their characteristics.

This all serves the interests of the west.

Sufficient proof of this lies in the fact that the first language in which BBC broadcasts are transmitted after English is Arabic.

This, when Arabs represent 2.5% of the world’s population, while other people, including China by itself, represent a fifth of the world’s population.

The same is true for the Indian sub-continent, which represents another fifth of the population, while the number of Muslims in India is greater than the number of all the Arab Muslims.

It was possible for the voice of the British Empire to reach 40% of the world’s population through just its broadcast.

Nevertheless, their primary concern was with destroying Arabs via the media.

The second factor is the continued American occupation manifested in military forces on the ground.

This is a very important factor in awakening people and inciting them to continue fighting, as opposed to the situation in countries in which the external enemy brings down the Islamic State established there without putting their military forces on the ground.

Instead, they are satisfied to support the local or regional enemy, particularly if the country has not been destabilized by significant internal dispute, as is the case in Iraq.

The third factor is that the Afghan people are religiously devout by nature and live spartan lives.

They are extremely sensitive to the presence of foreigners in their country, where there are many primitive villages in the mountains and rural areas cut off from the cities.

The residents in such areas are aware of their freedoms and their strength, and know they are far from the control of the security forces that are weak even in the major cities.

These factors are critical in completing the elements necessary for successfully establishing a Muslim state.

However, they do not apply to all countries in the region.

The people in many of these countries are still not prepared to enter the fight against governments and to bring them down.

Many people have no idea how they would respond.

And those who do understand that or who want to do away with these governments for some other reason, such as poverty or administrative corruption, do not believe that the solution is to fight them and to bring them down.

This is because America is the dominant force in the region and will bring down any state that is established after their representatives are toppled.

In this phase, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Somalia are exceptions to the countries in the region.

Here we have an essential issue, which is that one of the most important factors that will aid in the success of Jihad and its continuation is calling on Muslims to fight the enemy whose hostility they know and whom they know it is permissible to fight against, as is the case with the American enemy.

As for the local enemy, such as if the Yemenis were to begin a long battle against the security services, this is a matter that will weigh on the people.

As time goes by, they will begin to feel that some of them have been killed and they will start to want to stop the fighting.

This would promote the ideology of secular governments that raise the motto of pleasing all sides.

Our goal is not to expend our energy in Yemen, to use the greater part of our strength in supplies and reserves, and to wear down and ultimately topple an apostate government, only to establish another apostate administration.

This is on the assumption that the people would revolt with us to topple that government.

However, while it is the nature of tribes to be daring in fighting among themselves, they are cautious and hesitant to enter a struggle against a sizeable opponent.

(They will do so only) after they make sure that the force and timing sufficiently predict that the revolution has a good margin of success.

– To be continued.


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