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Based on this, there is no overriding pressure or great need to exhaust and deplete the front in Yemen before the elements of success there have been achieved.

Putting reserve forces and supply lines for the Mujahideen into the quagmire is a difficult thing.

This is for the reasons I have already mentioned, including that the scope of the struggle will be greater than the capabilities in a number of ways.

Therefore, it seems to me that halting the escalation in Yemen is in the general interest of the Mujahideen and is similar in many ways to what took place in the Battle Of Mu’tah, as the Prophet described it, and the actions of Khalid Bin Al-Walid.

He achieved victory when he withdrew the army.

The victory in the circumstances of that battle came in his rescuing the Companions [of the Prophet Muhammad] from the destruction of their army in the battle.

Their army was completely outnumbered by the Roman army.

Plus, there were no elements in place for success, and they were not on the verge of a complete disaster.

They had the ability to go and regroup, much like we do now.

They even had the ultimate Prophet, who eventually praised them, telling them they were fighters, not fleers.

As for the matter of establishing the state before putting in place the elements necessary for success:

A. It seems to me that being deliberate in this matter is a good thing.

And to explain further, establishing the state before the elements necessary for success are put in place most often will lead to aborting the effort wherever it takes place.

This is because establishing a state and then toppling the state represents a burden that exceeds the energy of the people.

Weighing people down with something that exceeds their energies is fraught with negative results.

It leads to the shock of Jihad for the people of a territory in which the movement is suppressed, and it may exceed them.

This is true whether the movement was suppressed after establishing the state or while it seeks to do so.

This was the case in Syria when the Muslim Brotherhood tried to begin their Jihad and establish an Islamic State before they were prepared to do so and before the elements necessary for success were in place.

This led to a shock for the Muslims in Syria at the emergence of Jihad.

Many people decided it was less harmful to remain with the current government than what would happen to them if they took part in the Jihad.

Following this shock, Jihad lost a generation of men who had been passionate about the victory of the Religion, including men who had given their lives for this cause.

The winds of Jihad were still for nearly twenty years in Syria until a new generation came along that had not experienced that shock.

The overwhelming majority of those who answered the call to Jihad in Afghanistan and Iraq were those who had not witnessed the Hamah experience and the murder committed by the government there.

B. Jihad as a means to bring down countries and to gain control of them does not require beginning such a plan based on the hope that people will fight to establish a nascent state.

Rather, it requires close study, inspection and confirmation that the elements necessary to success are in place.

And it requires searching for the appropriate time.

Therefore, we cannot waste a golden opportunity, and we must not begin before the appropriate opportunity is at hand.

A man might measure the results of establishing an Islamic State before toppling its enemies against the results of the fall of the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan, which we pray to Allah does not happen again.

Such a comparison shows a big difference, due to a number of factors.

The first factor is that the people of the Islamic World are divided into two groups, the Arabs and the non-Arabs.

Given that the enemies have knowledge of and experience with the Arabs and their history, they have learned that Arabs have dangerous qualities that make them suitable to quickly carry out the call to Jihad, and that the Qur’an and the Hadeeth are sufficient to justify that.

– To be continued.



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