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I add here two issues that appear important to me in the stability of the Jihad work and its progress.

I would like for you to research it among you –

First: the need to circulate a new administration arrangement, sent to all the regions after we discuss it among ourselves, and which would include the following points:

A. If any contingency situation results in the absence of the Amir from his leadership of the Mujahideen, the Deputy Amir will automatically and temporarily take on the responsibility of managing the affairs of the Mujahideen for several days, with his title being “Acting Amir”.

The Mujahideen in his territory will be informed of this, and he is not to be called “The Amir”.

Furthermore, he will not be announced in the meeting, except after consulting with the brothers and gaining their agreement to that or some other action.

Consultation among brothers in any region will take place internally, though they will also consult with Central Al-Qaedah.

This term was coined in the media to distinguish between Al-Qaedah in Afghanistan and Pakistan and Al-Qaedah in the other territories.

In my opinion, there is no problem with using this term in principle, in order to clarify the intended meaning.

B. The term of an Amir chosen by the influential people in each territory, in consultation with the central group, shall be two years, with the potential to be renewed.

If there is delay in consulting with the central group due to a difficulty in communications, the term shall be one year, also with the potential to be renewed.

It shall be taken into consideration that this term is most similar to the leadership of a Wali [Governor] in Muslim territories during the time of the Khaliphate, and is not like the grand imamate.

C. The Shura council in each territory will provide the Amir with recommendations.

They will write an annual report to be sent to the central group detailing the local situation, to include the progress of the local Amir in his activity and his dealings with the Mujahideen.

I also think that if the brothers in any territory deem to elevate the position of any of the brothers to a position of importance, such as First Deputy or Second Deputy, then that should be done in consultation with the central group.

If there is a problem with communications, then the matter will be temporary until consultation can be completed.

This is with the stipulation that the CV of the brothers nominated to the position is sent.

Second: Attention should be paid to creating command structures and devising plans to develop and refine the energies called upon for Jihad.

The Muslim Nation, in general, suffers from a lack of qualified leadership, and it comes as no surprise to you that the fields of Jihad are where leaders are made.

Finally: I want you to inform me of your recommendations that will help with elevating the level of activity on all fronts and in all territories.

You no doubt understand the great importance of the progress of our work in the territories through general policies that are controlled by Islamic Law in order to achieve our interests and reject corruption.

I reviewed your opinions regarding the issue of establishing an Islamic State before the elements of success have been completed and the issue of escalation in Yemen.

I wanted to share with you my opinion in these two matters in order to establish a fruitful and constructive discussion, In Sha Allah.

However, talking about them brings sorrow, and I am compelled to talk at length about them and their importance and the risks in them.

If I am unable to give these matters their due time within these pages, then perhaps I can finish the discussion in the next message.

I shall begin with the matter of escalation in Yemen.

To begin I should say that Yemen is the Arab country most suited to the establishment of an Islamic State.

However, this does not mean that the necessary fundamental elements for success for such a project have yet been realised.

Henceforth, we must increase our efforts to stabilise Yemen and not drag it into a war before the necessary preparations are made on a number of important fronts.

– To be continued.



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