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Shaykh Yunis wrote to me about the importance of preparing a memorandum indicating our stance on the takfeer [takfir] issue without the Sharee’ah criteria.

I wrote to him and informed him I would send him what you had sent.

I had attached it in the last letter, and asked him to follow up on sending his comments to you, so you could write it in your style.

This is in light of the fact that the enemies know his true personality through the prisoners who also recognise his style when they peruse his articles on the Internet.

Before concluding the discussion concerning the media publications, I would say:

We are in need of an advisory reading, with constructive criticism to our entire policy and publications at the centre and in the regions internally.

As such have two available brothers ready for this mission.

From abroad, seek safe routes to achieve a contact with one of the knowledge seekers so long as he is credible and trusted.

Inform him that we are in a new phase of amendment and development and require an advisory reading and development of our entire policy and publication at the centre and in the regions.

The purpose is to amend our mistakes and develop our Jihadi work according to their suggestions and opinions, especially in corresponding with the masses of the Ummah in context and shape.

Taking into consideration the importance not to publish it and the critical nature of the secrecy in all of that, as we ask Allah to grant us success.

Important remark:

After you provide me with your opinions and suggestions, and after we consult among each other, we need to send what we agree upon to the brothers, the leaders of the regions and ask them for their responses to what we would be sending them.

I intend to issue a statement, in which I would discuss starting a new phase to amend what we have issued.

In that way, we would regain the trust of a large portion of those who had lost their trust in the Mujahideen.

We would increase the lines of communication between the Mujahideen and their Ummah.

This would require, prior to informing and reassuring the people that the intention from all aspects would have become clear to the brothers in the center and in the regions – that it would be established and implemented on the ground.

The purpose is not to contradict our statements with some of our conduct.

First, for all the brothers contributing in the media of Al-Qaedah in the centre [Al-Qaedah Core ~AQC], it is imperative to commit to avoiding everything that would have a negative impact on the perception of the Ummah towards the Mujahideen.

Also ensure everything possible that would bring the Mujahideen and their Ummah closer.

The basis for that is to take into consideration the general opinion or the general taste within the Islamic Sharee’ah criteria.

It is a very important issue that the Messenger Of Allah, Salla Allah alayhi was-Salam, as was narrated in the Hadeeth (If your people were not recently ignorant, the Ka’bah would not have been destroyed and would only have two gates) recorded by At-Tirmizhi.

The issues taking over the public opinion are the avoidance of harshness and inclination towards friendliness and objectivity.

There is also repulsion from repetition in lectures, unless it is absolutely necessary.

It is therefore necessary to focus on expansion, and increase the knowledge in factual jurisprudence and developments of the events.

The purpose is for our lecture to touch the masses of the Ummah and their aspirations, while treating the important doctrinal issues.

In summary: Committing to the general lines, designed according to the Sharee’ah policy in our Jihad operations and our media publications is an extremely crucial issue.

It will achieve, In Sha Allah, great gains for the Jihadi movement – most importantly gain the masses of the Ummah – and correct the wrong impressions in the minds of the Mujahideen.

Additionally, there will be an increase in the attrition of the leader of kufr, because the plan was to focus more on it.

– To be continued.



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