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No doubt, issuing this lecture was driven by protective jealousy over the blood and honour of Muslims.

However, it was not in conformity with current events.

The reason was that there were one and a half million Muslims at that time under siege, and most of them were women and children.

They have more than ten thousand prisoners with the Jews, many of whom are sisters and children in tragic circumstances.

The issuance of this speech, especially at this time, conflicted with our policy of focusing on the bigger enemy, and concealed our interest in the main issues that were the main reasons in initiating the Jihad.

It announced to the people that we are in a fight and argument with the rulers to avenge our brothers, those that were killed and detained far from the cases and interests of the general Ummah, due to which it held our brothers responsible for the killing and imprisonment.

It also gave Muslims an impression of us that we were overcome by the region-like command or parties or both.

They heard our brother talk about the sister from the Arabian Peninsula and from Al-Qaedah organisation.

However, they did not hear him talk about our sister in Palestine – this is contrary to our reality and our general policy.

This is as it weakens our stance when we say that we are an international organisation fighting for the liberation of Palestine and all of the Muslim countries to erect an Islamic Khaliphate [Caliphate] that would rule according to the Sharee’ah of Allah.

This mistake was repeated, in a statement in which the brothers in Yemen adopted the big operation, the operation of Umar Al-Faruq – may Allah release him – when they said it was a reaction to the US bombing of Al-Mahfad.

Thus, linking this large operation with other than the Palestinian cause hides some of the instances that show the victory of the brothers in Yemen for the Palestinian cause.

That, in addition to their obsession on a daily basis in the fight against the Yemeni government and the strong focus on the key figures of the Peninsula rulers in their lectures.

It drew the people’s attention, that the first and biggest foe of the Mujahideen in the Arab Peninsula are the leaders of Yemen and the nation of the Haramain.

This was repeated in the comments of the brothers concerning the attack of our brother Humam Al-Balawi, may Allah have Mercy on him, when they mentioned it was a revenge for the murder of Mahsud, may Allah have Mercy on him.

It was necessary to discuss Palestine first.

In an effort to avoid such cases the international perception and the general policy should be present and clear in our minds.

As such we would avoid being distracted or absorbed in its expansion at the expense of what is more of a priority and importance.

The priorities in the dawah [preaching] work are to clarify the meaning of the term At-Tawheed [Oneness Of Allah; monotheism] and its requirements and to warn the people from falling in its contradictions.

That, and to include the instigation of the Jihad against the Crusader-Zionist alliance.

The priority in the military work is to focus and provide the lion’s share for the head of international disbelief or to focus on the apostate and excessively talk about them which the people of the Ummah do not understand.

Consequently, they would not react to it, as many of them would steer clear of it.

This would make us the splinter in an environment that does not harbour the Jihadi movement, and does not provide us with support to pursue the Jihad and its continuity.

I believe there is a need to look into publishing pictures of the apostates’ killing those of the apostate organisations who deal with the Americans against the Muslims.

Once the brothers in the regions are committed to the memorandum, it would be advisable for you and for Shaykh Abu Yahya to write some articles and provide advice to those working in the Jihad media in general to include the author partisans to the Mujahideen on the Internet.

– To be continued.


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