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The Islamic groups there would express their stance against us and renounce us – a fact that would prevent the government from retaliating against them following our attacks.

The condition is to be extremely cautious and take necessary measures to avoid misleading the Muslims in these operations.

With respect to the media publications, I say:

It is important for you to focus a portion of your interest on the Mujahideen publications.

Provide them with advice and guidance to avoid the mistakes that would impact either –

The reputation of the Mujahideen and the empathy of the Ummah’s masses;

or the mind and the character of the youths – who rely mainly in their culture on the publications issued by the Mujahideen and their partisans.

– Not to mention, the substantial damages that this fact would have and the loss of great opportunities from a proper care and valuable guidance to millions of youths who listen to what the Mujahideen have to say in their lectures, movies and writings.

Based upon the aforementioned:

I request that you prepare a memorandum that would include general guidelines on how the Mujahideen publications should be.

Focus on the basics and the Sharee’ah [Shari’ah] literature such as prohibition of violation of the Muslim blood and their honour.

Plus, concentrate on the importance of committing to the Hadeeth of the Messenger Of Allah, Salla Allah alayhi was-Salam (not he who believes in stabbing, in blasphemy, the obscene, and the disgusting) as narrated by Al-Bukhari.

Once the memorandum is prepared, we shall discuss it and send it to all the regions, along with sending the general policy in the military operation.

We shall then inform you of the committee that we are in the process of forming.

(I sent its formation to Shaykh Sa’id – May Allah have Mercy on him).

That committee will have the privilege of reviewing and postponing any publications assessed to be outside the general policy that we sought to keep in conformity with the Sharee’ah teachings and which, In Sha Allah, would achieve the interest of Islam and the Muslims.

We ask every Amir in the regions to be extremely keen and focused on controlling the military operation and not to penetrate the human shield.

This is due to the several attacks carried out by the Mujahideen, whereby several Muslim civilians had fallen.

We could have reached the target without injuring Muslims, with some effort and deliberation.

There is the need to cancel other attacks due to the possible and unnecessary civilian casualties.

An example is the attacks targeting several infidel Imams during their visits to public places, where a large number of Muslims are present.

Such persons should be targeted away from Muslims.

Making these mistakes is a hefty issue.

One cannot overemphasise the enormous magnitude of the violation of Muslim blood.

This is in addition to the damage that affects Jihad.

The result is the alienation of most of the Ummah from the Mujahideen.

And brothers in all the regions will be expected to apologise and be held accountable for what happened.

They would be questioned about the mistake causing the flaw that occurred and about the measures to be taken to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

With respect to the human error outside the human will, as it is repeated in wars, there is need to apologise for these errors and be held responsible, as the aspects of the flaw would be explained.

Perhaps some of those killed and who were killed mistakenly were immoral.

There is no need to reveal their immorality.

This is essential while the people are wounded and the foes are keen in demonstrating our indifference over civilian casualty.

Should some of the brothers in the regions fail to carry out their duties in this respect, we [the leaders] should then assume the responsibility and apologise for what had happened.

– To be continued.



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