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There is the need to confirm to all the Mujahideen brothers the importance of clarity, honesty, loyalty and promises and be cautious of betrayal.

The Amirs in the regions would also be requested to task one of the qualified brothers with them, to follow up on the media section from all aspects as mentioned in the memorandum.

From a Sharee’ah standpoint – care for the general taste of the Ummah’s citizens, so long as it does not conflict with the Sharee’ah.

The same brother would be requested to always seek the development of his aptitude and his knowledge in all arenas associated with his mission.

This includes reading books on dealing with the people because he would be largely dealing with the brothers, and reading books concerning the production.

The purpose is for the Mujahideen publications to be a good potential for the competition and to attract much followers.

The main goal is to spread awareness amongst the people of the Ummah, to rescue them from the aberration of the rulers.

He, in turn, would seek to improve the aptitude of the brothers contributing in the media section.

He would also provide advice in general for those issuing the statements, lectures, books, articles and those who comment on the Jihad films.

He would be appointed as the Jihadi media individual in this region, characterised by objectivity and accepted by the people of the Ummah.

This brother would be in charge of the media as is the case in the regions – otherwise the position of the General Manager of the Media divisions would be updated in every region.

No publications would be made unless he reviews them, to include the leadership speeches.

He would have the right to stop any publication that includes a term considered outside the general policy, whether in the context or timing.

The subject would be reviewed with the individual who issued it, and he would be informed of any conflict with the general policy.

Feedback would include the dispersion of the Ummah’s views from the larger Mujahideen goals, such as the case of Palestine.

This is while appointing the enemy to defame the reputation of the Mujahideen.

Therefore, the fear of the Mujahideen during this phase is substantial with respect to their conduct and expressions.

Some of the examples to this was when the general populace were in the peak of dealing with the Freedom Fleet heading towards Gaza to break the blockade and deliver the civil relief to our people there, and at the time when the Jews stopped it with an armed force and killed several of those in it, incensing Turkey in the process.

The Freedom Fleet attack dominated the media in a very enormous way, as western politicians were forced to discuss it.

They criticised the Israelis for publishing on one of the websites a speech of the deputy of Abu Basir in Yemen, our brother Sa’id Ash-Shahri.

What was shown in the media was his speech concerning the arrest of one of our sisters in the nation of the Haramain and the Mujahideen’s demand to carry out kidnappings against the westerners, the princes of Al Sa’ud [the Sa’ud family] and the senior security employees in exchange for her release.

Following the issuance of this speech, Al-Arabiyah Television channel exploited it widely and focused on it.

It made it the number one piece in its news reports and hosted men and youth from the general populace on the streets as they had claimed.

That included the hosting of several ill-informed scholars and state men.

No doubt they accept each other, especially those who ignore their status amongst the people.

The purpose was to discuss the tape, showing honesty and each mentioning individually that the Mujahideen are not interested in the Palestinian cause, and the blockade of our brothers in Gaza – instead that their concern is to fight, corrupt and argue with the security men and not with the usurper Jews.

– To be continued.



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