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Tens of thousands are being arrested, similar to what happened in Egypt, plus the arrest of thousands such as in the country of the Haramain [Two Holy Sanctuaries = Saudi Arabia].

In essence, the issue is one involving time.

The fact requires that we maintain the attrition of the leader of kufr and the life artery of these apostate organisations on open fronts without bearing additional losses on the Jihad.

By that, eliminate the ruler’s despotism with these large numbers of devoted youths and Muslim prisoners.

When the global kufr reaches the level of attrition, it would lead to its collapse.

We would then engage in a conflict with the rulers, after they have been weakened following its weakness.

We would then find the brothers there with their entire strength and energy.

Some of the disadvantages in carrying out attacks against the Americans in Islamic countries, where the components for success had not been prepared and the removal of the ruler is in an effort for the Americans not to claim the operation failed.

The government shall have a huge reaction against the Mujahideen.

This would lead to the government [or Mujahideen] defending themselves and avenging the administration.

The brothers and the state would then engage in a war which we did not begin against it, because the power of the brothers is not ready for it, as such, it would be one result [i.e. decimation of the Mujahideen and anarchy among the Ummah]..

The disadvantages in engaging as previously mentioned would change the general line – meaning to avoid wasting our energy with these governments at this stage.

That, in addition to losing the sympathy of the Muslims towards us.

This is when we lose the perception of the Muslims towards us, which is that we are the ones defending the Muslims and fighting their biggest enemy, the Crusader-Zionist alliance – without killing those that the general public consider Muslims.

Therefore, if we fight the rulers while being in this situation, and we do not respond other than with direct defense during their offense against us, and this issue is being repeated several times, it would appear that we are wronged and the rulers are the tyrants.

It would increase the hatred of the people towards them and make them feel that the rulers did not defend our brothers in Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan.

They were not content with that, but they fought the Mujahideen that defend our people there.

However, if we engage in a fight against the rulers outside the direct defense, we would have eliminated the damage the rulers would have carried out in their fight against us.

The reason is that it would reveal the truth, and the media shall demonstrate to the people that we are the ones fighting the government and killing the Muslims.

Between the outrage of the killing and the fight, the people shall forget who began the fight against the other – as such we shall lose the people and strengthen the stance of the government without curbing its hostility against us.

What aids the success of our fight against the Americans in non-Islamic countries and reducing its cost, is for limited groups, distanced from the Muslim and devout circles, to launch from countries with the Mujahideen presence without announcing their launching location.

This is to avoid the reaction against the Mujahideen in that country.

Given the potential for the foes to reveal that issue, it would be better for the training to be carried out and launched from the open fronts where naturally the foes would be exerting their utmost efforts.

Among the opportunities to be exploited in targeting Americans is the state of security laxity found in countries where we had not carried out any attacks.

Given that the difference of the impact of attacks against the foes inside or outside of America is substantial, we need to confirm to the brothers that every effort that could be spent on attacks in America would not be spent outside of it.

The overflow of the work outside of America and the work in non-Islamic nations could be spent in targeting the interests of the United States Of America ~USA in the Islamic countries where we have no bases or partisans or Jihadi Islamic groups that could be threatened by danger.

– To be continued.



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