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I reckon that the barricade argument was debated centuries ago amid circumstances different from those of today.

It needs to be revisited based on the modern-day context and clear boundaries established for all the brothers, so that no Muslims fall victim except when it is absolutely essential.

Among the mistakes made were the killing of some, the Muslims did not understand the justification behind allowing their killing.

As you may know, one of the principles of Sharee’ah [Shariah] is to bring in the benefits and repulse evil.

This is what the Messenger Of Allah, Peace and Prayers be upon him, had done with the head of hypocrisy Abdullah Bin Ubayy.

Not to underestimate the fact that these issues, among others, led to the loss of the Muslims’ sympathetic approach towards the Mujahideen.

What also led to the loss of the Mujahideen was exploitation by the foes of several of their mistakes and tainting their image to the populace of the Ummah.

The purpose was to split them from their popular bases.

Needless to say that this issue involving the loss of the Ummah’s audience paralysed the Jihadi movements.

Here is an important issue that we should pay attention:

Carrying out several attacks without exercising caution, which impacted the sympathy of the Ummah’s population towards the Mujahideen.

It would lead us to winning several battles while losing the war at the end.

It requires an accurate criteria for the ramifications of any attack prior to its implementation.

– Weighing the advantages and disadvantages, to then determine what would be the most likely to effect.

There is the need to collect anything within the capacity to collect – such as information.

This is especially so for the Afghanistan commando operations carried out by the Mujahideen or others, the Palestinian Liberation Organisation.

In addition, there is need to study the advantages and disadvantages, as the study would include two aspects:

The aspect of the operational steps required to ensure the success of the operation, or the hindrances leading to its failure, as well as the impact on the foe.

The other aspect involves the impact on the Ummah’s impression towards the Mujahideen and being empathetic towards them.

The operations that bear extreme negative impact on the partisans of the Jihad include targeting the apostates in Masjids ~Mosques or nearby.

For examples, the assassination attempt on Dustum during the holiday worship location, and the assassination of General Muhammad Yusuf in one of the Pakistani Masjids.

It is extremely sad for an individual to fall into the same mistake more than once.

I would also like to seek your advice on an opinion as follows:

Whatever exceeds our capability or what we are unable to disburse on attacks inside America, as well as on the Jihad in open fronts, would be disbursed targeting American interests in non-Islamic countries first, such as South Korea.

We shall avoid carrying out attacks in Islamic countries except for the countries that fell under invasion and direct occupation.

There are two major reasons to avoid carrying out attacks in Islamic countries as follows:

The first involves attacks among Muslims which would increase the possibility of Muslim victims.

Yet, the brothers were previously warned not to expand the shield issue, that was not made clear to them.

The operational fact continues to expand in terms of the shield.

Firstly, it holds us accountable before Allah, praise and glory be to him, while in reality it holds us accountable for the losses and damages in the call to Jihad.

The second reason is the extremely great damage that impacts the brothers in the region where the work begins, following the alert of the state against the youths who are engaged in Jihad work or even dawah [preaching work].

– To be continued.



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