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-I want the brothers in the Islamic Maghreb to know that planting trees helps the Mujahideen and gives them cover.

Planting trees is not expensive and it should be done immediately after rain.

They should ask people to keep animals and livestock away from them.

Trees would give the Mujahideen the freedom to move around, especially if the enemy sends spying aircrafts [Unmanned Aerial Vehicles ~UAV – drones] to the area.

It is best if they can get the trees from a plantation or they can even create their own plantation.

-Please send me the America Statement by Shaykh Abu Muhammad.

Please send him a copy of the letter of Sahib At-Tayyib to me and a copy of my letter to him.

Please send me a copy of my letter to brother Abdul-Wadud in the exact format that you will send it to him.

-Please send to the brothers in Algeria the file that was written by Shaykh Bashir Al-Madani about the Islamic Maghreb and which I sent to you in my previous letter.

Ask him for his comments on it and see if he has any information on this issue.

-Please let me know regarding what you mentioned in the past about arranging a direct way to deliver information to the brothers in the media.

-Al-Jazeera mentioned that some newspapers reported that one of the methods that Al-Qaedah use to kill Americans is to put razors [plow] on a truck and the driver pushes it between them.

Please let me know if this is accurate and let me know the source of it.

-Regarding the separation of Southern Sudan, I am thinking about what you said.

Perhaps, we will know something about it in the coming days through the media.

-As for what you said about the chaos, I am not in favour of it.

Had we been together you would know that you and I are in agreement on this.

I might write to you about this in details.

-Enclosed is a special chip for the media.

It contains Statement To The American People.

With it is a letter from my son Khalid to the brothers at the media.

It is important to have it and the statement delivered to them.

Tell the brothers that this statement should be broadcast before the American congressional election.

A copy of the statement should be given to the correspondent of Al-Jazeera – English.

Another copy of it should be given to an American news agency.

Tell the three channels that we want to broadcast the statement on 29 October.

If the channels do not broadcast the statements, the brothers should be ready to broadcast it on the internet on 30 October.

-Regarding what you mentioned about informing the middle-man that you received the money that he sent, it is acceptable to do that if you write on a very small piece of paper that can be folded very tightly so that it would not get noticed.

-In your letter, you mentioned that you did not receive the chip.

This true, we did not send it because of a problem with it and due to the shortage on time, I was not able to change the letter.

I apologise.

-Enclosed is the article attributed to our brother Sayf Al-Adl.

-Regarding the money, I like for them to be in euros.

I do not see a problem in sending them all at once.

Finally, let me know how the widows and the orphans are doing.

Please let me know how the children of Al-Jufi (may Allah rest his soul) are doing.

Please make sure to keep the children and all the families away from the areas that are being photographed and bombed.

I pray to Allah Almighty to protect you and protect all the brothers around you.

May He grant you success.

Allah’s Peace, Mercy and Blessings be upon you.

Your brother,
Wednesday 13, Dhul-Qa’dah, 1431


The date on the letter corresponds to Wednesday October 20, 2010.

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