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I need you to read the statement as well as the comments that brothers added.

Pay attention to the following:

A- All talk about climate change and the catastrophes that were caused by it.

After the Copenhagen conference, they stated that the main reason for these catastrophes is sins.

B- The attack was not directed at the victims who lost their children and money.

C- We dealt with relief organisation during the Afghan Jihad and we have never seen what the brother mentioned.

I am not saying that it did not happen, but I think that the brother is exaggerating.

I called on Muslims to establish an organisation that would be guided by the principles of Islam.

As Muslims, it is our duty to save those Muslims.

D- Reminding the people of Pakistan to repent and return to Allah.

This is an issue that I wanted to talk about.

During those events, I was thinking these floods were caused by sins, but I did not say it, because I wanted to be sensitive to the fact that some parents were able to save two children and watched their third drown.

For that reason, I wanted to talk about helping those who are in need.

One of the main criticisms toward the brothers is that the brothers were saying that floods were caused by sins.

The Prophet never told anyone that they are in pain or crisis because of their sins, but he did call on them to join Islam.

That was the case of the Jewish man with the sick child, who the Prophet invited to Islam, but did not tell him that his son was sick because he was not a believer.

E- Regarding the talk about a network of pipelines and wells in the Gulf, especially in the Land Of The Two Holy Sites [Saudi Arabia], the reality is that water is getting drained by agriculture and most countries are getting their water from a few water desalinisation stations on the gulf.

Whenever a war starts in the region and some oil tankers gets attacked, the oil will get in the water and pollute it.

If the water stations themselves get attacked, 20 million Muslims will be at risk of dying out of thirst.

You know that rebuilding a damaged station would take a long time.

For that reason, I highlighted this issue so that people can take some steps on their own.

The presence of apostate regimes should not keep us from alerting Muslims because they could be harmed.

For example, if we know that the high dam in Egypt is about to crumble, we should inform the millions of Muslims of this danger.

It is our duty to support and save Muslims whenever we can.

You know that Prophet Yusuf warned the people of Egypt of the deadly famine that was coming at them and he saved them from it.

You also know, that a statement should not be taken out of context.

No statement is independent of what is before it and what is after it.

In summary, talking to the Muslims about repenting and abandoning sin is a duty, but the statement was not directed toward the victims of the flooding.

Please study the matter and let me know what you find.

-Enclosed are the letters to Shaykh Abu Muhammad [Dr Ayman Az-Zawahiri] and to brother Abu Mus’ab Abdul-Wadud.

Please give these letters to them.

– To be continued.


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