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-Due to the abundance of blessings, you need to establish a special section for planning military operations at the fronts.

It should have experienced brothers and you should provide them with the latest equipment.

You should also task some brothers with summarising books on warfare.

Publish these summaries and give them to the brothers and the leaders.

As for the brothers who are in charge of planning, they should be kept in a safe location outside the battlefield.

They should conduct studies and preparations before operations.

They should also film and document operations in order to learn from mistakes and avoid them in future operations.

In addition, attention should be paid to the medical aspect, especially during withdrawal after the operation.

-Please have brother Azzam translate the book the Most Important Things About Al-Qaedah by Robert Fisk and then send the translation to me.

-The tenth anniversary of the September 11, 2001 [9/11] attack is coming and due to the importance of this date, attention should be paid to start preparations immediately.

Please send me your suggestions on this.

We need to benefit from this event and get our messages to Muslims and celebrate the victory that they achieved.

We need to restore their confidence in their Ummah [nation] and motivate them.

We should also present our just cause to the world, especially to the people of Europe.

We will have a lot to show, therefore we should not depend on one media outlet to cover that event.

If Al-Jazeera show responsiveness, we should contact the correspondent of Al-Jazeera Arabic and English.

Tell them that we are willing to cooperate with them in the area of covering the tenth anniversary by answering any questions that you think interests the public.

You can point out to them that this way they will be showing the other opinion.

Note: All correspondence, letters, and negotiations should be in the name of As-Sahab.

Plus, we should look for an American channel that can be close to being unbiased, such as CBS, or other channel that has political motives that make it interested in broadcasting the point of view of the Mujahideen.

Then, we can send to the channel the material that we want Americans to see.

You can ask brother Azzam about the channel that you should send the tape and let me know your opinion and his.

I also think that you should write to Abdul-Bari Atwan and Robert Fisk and tell them that the tenth anniversary is coming and it is the harvest of a fierce war between the Mujahideen and America.

This is an opportunity to explain our motives for continuing the war.

The wise people would tell you to give people their rights in order to be able to focus on other vital issues such as global warming.

They have the option to stop the war, but we do not have any option, except to defend our Ummah.

This is a conflict between the biggest cultures in the world at a time when the climate is changing rapidly.

Tell them that we suggest that they make a documentary on this anniversary and we will provide them with printed, audio, and video materials.

Please have them give us their video material and the names of specialists that they will use in order for us to establish a vision for the film and to be able to clarify the events.

We should shed light on the fact that in some past documentaries on Al-Jazeera, some specialists confirmed that the events of 9/11 are the main reasons for the financial crisis that America suffers.

-Regarding what the brothers in As-Sahab – Urdu version mentioned in the statement on the floods, I am in support of giving advice and constructive criticism even when it is directed at me, for this is the duty of Muslims.

Thank you for letting me know what the brothers wrote.

– To be continued.



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