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I have attached a letter from myself to brother Abdur-Rahman.

You can look at it and it contains my order to him to be your second deputy.

Our situation cannot accept baseless excuses from anyone.

Do the same thing with Abdul-Jalil.

Appoint him as a second deputy if you need to for a year from the date of the arrival of your letter to him with the possibility for renewal.

Plus, I have sent you a file named Attachments for Shaykh Mahmud and it includes parts of the Yemen message.

Since you lived there with the brothers for a while, please read it and make some adjustments in it to make it appropriate for your area.

If possible, please add it to the files of brother Abdul-Wadud or you can send it to them as part of your correspondence to them.

Please let us know which sections you will send to them.

Do not send the parts that I sent to them in the letter of the general policy.

-We did not receive the letter from Shaykh Abu Yahya, which mentions the Islamic Maghreb.

-In the last letter when I used the term “external work,” I meant the work of Shaykh Yunis and the work inside western countries.

-It seems that there is a misunderstanding regarding the issue of Jihadi media.

It is a main piece of the war and I did not mean that it should be abandoned.

I just wanted to point out that the level of interviews did not reach the desired level and I called on you to do better.

-Regarding the programme Witness To History [on Al-Jazeera], I do not like it because the host of the programme uses improper language sometimes.

-Regarding my letter to brother Basir [Abu Basir], if you receive any important comments from Shaykh Abu Muhammad [Ayman Az-Zawahiri] on the letter in general, please send them to me.

In addition, if you or Shaykh Abu Muhammad have comments on any of the paragraphs, you can delete these paragraphs and send the letter to brother [Abu] Basir.

If you did not receive anything from Abu Muhammad due to the difficulty in communicating between you two, and if you do not have any important comments, then go ahead and send it to [Abu] Basir.

This is because it contains a request to the brother to provide us information on the situation in their area and clarification on some of the events that took place in the Muslim world.

Regarding the negotiations for the release of the Afghan prisoner in your area, you should be careful in the way that you deal with the negotiators.

Many mistakes can happen when you receive the money.

This also applies to donation money. You should take all security precautions.

My suggestion is to rent a house in Peshawar and the money should be delivered in it.

After the mission, the brother leaves the house.

Make sure to get the money exchanged at the bureau de change.

You should also get rid of the bag that the money was in because it might have a chip.

The brother should take the money, get in a taxi, and go to the centre of the market and get to a roofed section of the market.

Two brothers should be waiting for him there and he should give them the money to bring it to you.

The money should be in euro or dollars.

After that, he should evade surveillance and stay away from the brothers to whom he gave the money.

Negotiators should not be met in Waziristan (the area where the American aerial satellite photography is active), unless there is a perfect plan that would prevent the enemy from tracking those negotiators or the brothers.

You should know that the news of the negotiations might reach the Americans.

Note: The brother should not be one of the leaders.

-Perhaps you monitored the trial of brother Faisal Shahzad.

In it, he was asked about the oath that he took when he obtained American citizenship, to which he responded by saying that he lied.

You should know that it is not permissible in Islam to betray trust and break a covenant.

Perhaps the brother was not aware of this.

Please ask the brothers in Pakistani Taliban to explain this point to their members.

In one of the pictures, brother Faisal Shahzad was with commander Mahsud.

Please find out whether Mahsud knows that getting the American citizenship requires taking an oath to not harm America.

This is a very important matter because we do not want the Mujahideen to be accused of breaking a covenant.

– To be continued.


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