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You should know the locations of the brothers, but they should not know your location, except for the couriers.

Note: Tell the brothers that the ban is not only to those who come by car.

The Amir should not meet anyone except the two couriers.

Americans have great accumulative experience in photography [possibly satellite images] of the area due to the fact that they have been doing it in the area for so many years.

They can distinguish between houses frequented by men at a higher rate than usual.

Plus, the visiting person might be tracked without his knowledge.

This applies to locals too.

Inform the brothers that this is the arrangement for every Amir at this time.

It is important to have the leadership in a faraway location to gain expertise in all areas.

When this experienced leadership dies, this would lead to the rise of lower leaders who are not as experienced as the former leaders and this would lead to the repeat of mistakes.

Remind your deputies that all communication with others should be done through letters.

-In a previous letter I asked you to get an oath from the brothers that would include:

1~ Obedience and Jihad for the sake of restoring the Khaliphate;

2~ Keep the secret of work;

3~ Safeguard the work that they are responsible for and provide advice to the leadership.

Take the oath even from brothers who have already given the oath in the past.

Regarding the first and second deputy, send me the text of the oath and let me know which brothers can take on this responsibility in the future.

-Regarding brother Muhammad Shawqi Abu Ja’far, if he arrived at your location, please arrange for him a safe place and explain to him in details the danger in moving and all security precautions.

If he is on the road, then make the arrangements for him; he might be with the brothers in Kunar.

Explain to him in details about the situation in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Waziristan.

He can give you his opinion about his location.

He should be informed of the nature of the work and he should be consulted on things that are being discussed.

-In your letter, you talked about your relationship with Abu Salman Al-Baluchi.

I know that he is a good Mujahid and was detained in the past, but some of the Baluchi people that he knows work for the Pakistani intelligence.

Therefore, I advise you to be careful and not talk to him about your news and secrets.

For that reason, my son Hamzah should not be at his place or anywhere near him.

Regarding my son Hamzah and his mother, I wish you take all the security precautions that were mentioned previously in order to disrupt surveillance on him.

He should move only when the clouds are heavy.

Umm Hamzah ought to go to the middle-man on my side.

I asked him to make all the remaining arrangements.

I equally asked him to make sure they read the letter before they go in order to alert them to some security precautions including not taking with them any of the things that they had in Iran, such as their suitcases.

As for Hamzah, if you find my companion that we talked about, please send him to Peshawar and the surrounding area and ask him to arrange a house that can hold two families in addition to his family.

He should stay there with Hamzah. If you have not found him yet, then please have a trusted Pakistani brother accompany him.

Be sure to tell Hamzah that I am of the opinion that he needs to get out of Waziristan if he is there, and he should not go there if he is not there.

What I said regarding Hamzah applies to Uthman and Muhammad if they come from Iran.

Regarding the deputy position, Shaykh Abu Yahya should be the one for a year from the date of the appointment of Shaykh Sa’id (may Allah rest his soul).

He should accord his greatest attention to the issue of Sharee’ah [Shariah] research that we talked about in the past especially for Somalia and the Islamic Maghreb.

The brothers in the Islamic Maghreb might experience divisions.

To avoid this, the research that you said that you are going to prepare on dealing with the apostates should be sent to them.

It should be complete and comprehensive and it should include the opinions of the scholars. This is a very important issue.

– To be continued.

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