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AlHamduliLlah Rabb Al-Aalameen.

Peace and prayers be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and all of his Companions.


To the noble brother, Shaykh Mahmud, may Allah protect him.
As-Salam alaykum waRahmatuLlah waBarakatuH.

I hope you receive this message of mine while you, your family, children, and all of the brothers are in good health.

I offer my condolences to you for the death of our beloved brothers.

We ask Allah to have Mercy on their soul, honour them for what they have accomplished, consider them among the martyrs, consolidate the heart of their family [wives] and compensate their family with something better.

And we speak not except what pleases our Rabb ~Lord.

Inna liLlahi wa inna ilayHi raji’un [To Allah we belong and to Him is our return].

Thus is the path of Jihad.

Allah said:

You will sacrifice your money and yourselves for the sake of Allah.

They struck us and we shall strike them back with Allah’s Grace.

Anyone who looks at the enemies in NATO, especially the United States Of America, will know that they are in big trouble.

This year has been the worst year for them in Afghanistan since they invaded it.

The number of their dead has never been this high according to their own reports.

Their financial crisis continues.

Britain has lowered is defence budget and America is reducing the budget of the Pentagon.

Anyone who knows the world and knows politics, is aware that it is impossible for them to continue with the war.

There is no difference between them and the Soviet Union before it withdrew from Afghanistan.

As for the local enemies, as you know, they are in big trouble and the government is in danger of falling, especially after the floods and the increase in the number of those who are suffering from the financial crisis.

Their arduous situation was the reason for the crisis between them and NATO.

You know of the size of the disagreement between the two sides after they closed the border.

Through the generosity of Allah, the situation is moving in the direction of the Mujahideen.

You should be patient and strong and Allah will reward us.

-Regarding the brothers in Waziristan: In general, whoever can keep a low profile and take the necessary precautions, should stay in the area.

Those who cannot do so, their first option is to go to Nuristan in Kunar, Ghazni or Zabil.

I am leaning toward getting most of the brothers out of the area.

We could leave the cars because they are targeting cars now.

Nevertheless, if we leave them, they will start focussing on houses and that would increase casualties among women and children.

It is possible that they have photographed targeted homes.

The brothers who can keep a low profile and take the necessary precautions should stay, but move to new houses on a cloudy day.

A warning to the brothers: They should not meet on the road and move in their cars because many of them were targeted while they were meeting on the road.

They also should not enter the market in their cars.

Note: There is no comparison between the fortification of Kunar, Zabil and Ghazni.

Kunar is more fortified due to its rougher terrain and the many mountains, rivers, and trees.

It can accommodate hundreds of the brothers without being spotted by the enemy.

This will defend the brothers from the aircrafts, but will not defend them from the traitors.

Also, the brothers should enter those areas to fight and attack the enemy.

-As for you, if you think that it is dangerous to move by car, then you can stay in the area.

You, however, need to do your work through two brothers, and only one of them should carry your messages to the brothers.

The key individuals for your work are your first deputy, second deputy, military commander, and four or five other brothers.

They can through their own ways deliver the messages to the other brothers.

The brother should visit you no more than once or twice a week.

The other brother comes to you for necessary issues only, even if this slows down the work.

We pray to Allah for things to change.



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