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– Regarding your meeting with the brother to arrange the affairs about the companion, you should never meet with him.

Things, in general, should be arranged through correspondence.

You mentioned in your last message the incident in which brother Riyadh was martyred.

Perhaps, it is an anomaly that happened, as the incident was contradictory to the security precautions that I asked you to implement.

Therefore, please give importance to applying the precautions of not meeting any more than two persons and to reduce movements as much as possible.

– Regarding what you mentioned about Inspiration magazine, please send to the brothers in Yemen with the pointers to remember in that matter and explain to them the danger of its effects, in order to avoid repeating it.

– Regarding what you mentioned about the file that you sent in the past from brother Abu An-Nur, you were right in what you mentioned.

Because of that I did not confirm all that he said.

In general, I wanted to encourage anyone that would provide advice, and be keen on handling any issue that is disagreed upon by the brothers in a quiet and kind manner.

– Regarding the operation that Pakistani Taliban conducted, targeting one of the tribes, and what you mentioned of them saying that the tribe was hostile to the Taliban.

Even if that is true, the operation is not justified, as there were casualties who were non-combatants, and due to its contradiction to jurisprudence.

So please continue your advising of At-Tahrik [i.e. Pakistani Taliban].

– Regarding the message of my late son, Sa’d, Allah have Mercy on his soul, I say that you delete the copies that you have.

I shall attach in my next message a copy that I will cut from it what deserves to be cut, then it will go to As-Sahab archives due to the important information it contains, which exposes the truth of the Iranian regime.

– About what you mentioned regarding the picture of Sa’d, Allah have Mercy on his soul, I say that you put his picture while he was working in the shop in As-Sahab archives.

However, you are not to publish any parts of it without coordinating with us.

As for the pictures of him after his assassination – Allah have Mercy on him – they are not to be put in As-Sahab archives.

– Regarding the serious warning that you included under the file “serious warning”, Allah reward you.

It would be better that you attach such important items inside the file of your message to ensure that I receive them and read them.

– Regarding the French statement, and what you mentioned about not being sure that Al-Jazeera had broadcast it, they have broadcast it and they interviewed some personalities to analyse it.

– Regarding the poem, Allah reward you with all good, and I say that you do not send it to the brothers.

In closing, I pray to Allah to protect you and guide you to what He loves and what pleases Him.

The last of our prayers is praise be to Allah, Lord of the Universe [AlHamduliLlah Rabb Al-Aalameen].

And peace and prayers be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and all of his companions.

Peace be upon you, as well as Allah’s Mercy and Blessings.

Your brother,
Abu Abdullah.
Monday 22 Jumada Al-Awwal 1432


Abu Abdullah = Usamah Bin Laden [Osama Bin Ladin]

The date on the letter corresponds to Monday April 25 2011, exactly one week before his assassination on Monday May 2, 2011.

Sleep tight, my brother.

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