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General points after the message before the first message:

– Regarding what you mentioned in your previous message, that the main idea with the brothers on your side was that death is better than imprisonment.

And accordingly, that a person should not come out within the sphere of espionage*.

I say that the correctness of the heading does not guarantee the correctness of what comes under it.

So the heading that death is better than imprisonment was followed with the assumption that leaving the area means imprisonment or capture.

While in reality it is proven the American technology and its modern systems cannot arrest a Mujahid if he does not commit a security error that leads them to him.

So adherence to security precautions makes their technological advance a loss and a disappointment to them.

In addition to that, adhering to security precautions is not an issue that a person will commit a human error in, if he really understands the importance of his mission and is capable of staying in hiding until the situation opens up.

Note that there is a percentage of people who cannot do that – and those need to be handled in a different manner than the others – and it may be better to provide them with an opportunity in the field.

– As for those whom you have observed as being disciplined and capable, you arrange homes for them on the outskirts of the city, to distance them from the people, which reduces the security dangers.

And they will be with trusted companions, and the companions will have some work as cover, as if they lived from it, especially for those who live close by and have prying neighbours.

And one of the most important security issues in the cities is controlling children, by not leaving the house except for extreme necessity like medical care, and teaching them the local language.

And that they do not go to the yard of the house without an adult who will control the volume of their voices, and we with the Grace of Allah have been adhering to these precautions for nine ~9 years.

Plus, we have not heard that any of the brothers were arrested after the events while adhering to the precautions.

Based on that, you can inform the brothers that I say that anyone who can adhere to the previous precautions should go out.

To sum it up, we are tasked with what is better and more beneficial for Islam and Muslims, and acceptance of what Allah decides.

There is no doubt that there are different views of what is better and more beneficial, especially with the differences in the fields of work for the brothers.

Note: What I mentioned above of arrangements to get the brothers out of the area is based on the picture you relayed to me in your previous messages, except that you mentioned in your last message that there is improvement in the security situation.

So if that continues, which is what we hope for, then what I mentioned above will change according to circumstances.

– Regarding the companion, I wish that you expedite arranging the matter, as there is a written agreement dated 15 January 2011, that after nine months from that date we have secured a replacement for them to be in our company.

You know that arranging for a safe location after picking the suitable person takes time.

For that reason, it would be good if you inform me of the developments about the companion in every message, and there is no problem if you mention that there are no developments.

– To be continued.


*Possibly the operating area of the drones.


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