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The Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan ~Taliban have cautioned own fighters against retaliatory measures that violate the principles of Jihad operations.

The veteran Jihad organisation warned that further infractions will not be tolerated and will be penalised according to Islamic Law.

The Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate were reminded of their duty to abide by expected behaviours of Jihad.

If the blood of a criminal becomes lawful Sharee’ah wise, and the death penalty is handed, be it to a spy or other criminal, he must be shot with a rifle, and its filming is prohibited. ~ Article 21 of Taliban military practice

Taliban operatives were advised that Jihad was a structured and selfless movement for the sake of Allah under the banner of the leadership of the Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan.

Irrespective of sentimental justifications for retaliatory actions against inhumane atrocities of the Afghan National Army ~ANA, the Mujahideen must:

Act within the framework of Islam.

Some of the Mujahideen had earlier this month, Friday April 10, 2015, executed seven ~7 Afghan government soldiers in revenge.

The Islamic Emirate described such killings of government forces as irresponsible.

Those unauthorised beheadings in Badakhshan Province were an expression of outrage at the mutilations of Mujahideen corpses by government troops.

Government soldiers on Friday March 20, 2015 repeatedly fired shots into the face of dead Mujahideen, severely disfiguring the deceased.

MULLA UMAR: The Making Of A Leader – V

Critical words from the Islamic Emirate to the Mujahideen:

The enemy must never provoke us into crossing our principles.


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