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Subsequently, Hamzah will inform the brother who will accompany him of the place that he agreed to meet his friend in Peshawar so that he [the brother] can take him there.

He is a trusted person.

We informed him that Hamzah will contact him in the near future.

His name will be Ahmad Khan.

The method of departure will reach Hamzah in detail when he receives his message, which is enclosed.

As far as him getting training until you arrange for him to depart, I say that he keeps a low profile in this stage and postpones the training to another opportunity.

He must not go out except for important necessity.

Should he need to go out, then he should not take his son with him.

That is what I pointed out to Shaykh Sa’id in the past about distancing the non-concerned with the work as long as there is danger.

Children would be primarily included in that precaution.

I had asked for that after a publication of As-Sahab showed a child standing next to one of the brothers while the brother was preparing explosives.

Please draw the attention of all of the brothers to that.

Note: This thumb drive* contains a phone number of one of our brothers mentioned in the message for Hamzah, so please do not copy the message for Hamzah.

After Hamzah copies the phone number on paper, destroy the card for fear of compromise.

– We were told that Hamzah sent you numbers of his brother Muhammad, and enclosed with it specific messages, so that one of the brothers would call him and relay the message to him.

So, if there are still communications, it would be good that one of the brothers calls him from one of the places where it is safe to make calls, and informs Muhammad that Hamzah is telling him that

~ his father wants him to go with his mother and siblings to Qatar as soon as possible, and to live there until the situation is resolved soon, Allah willing,

~ and that they strive in obeying Allah and seeking knowledge,

~ and that if it would be difficult to go to Qatar then they should go to Hijaz [Saudi Arabia],

noting that Hamzah may have other points to relay to them and also the words [possibly disputes] that are between him and his brother Muhammad, so that Muhammad is assured that the call was from his side.

– Regarding the card [possibly identification ~ID card] and the licence that are prepared for Khalid, please hand them over to Hamzah.

– Regarding the numbers that brother Abdullah As-Sindi promised, please send them to us.

– Enclosed is a message from my son Khalid to brother Abdullah As-Sindi, and a message from his mother to the family [essentially, wife] of Shaykh Abu Abdur-Rahman Al-B.M, so we hope the letter is sent with urgency.

– Regarding the message that you enclosed to Muhammad Aslam, we transferred it to him.

Regarding the sum of money that you said you sent to him, he told us about it.

We might keep half of the amount deposited with us and the other half with him.

– It would be good if you inform me about the funds arriving for the Mujahideen from inside and outside Pakistan, and to mention the sums coming from each country individually, and of the sums that you mentioned in your message with the brothers in Somalia.

– To be continued.


*Thumb drive could also mean telephone SIM card or telephone memory cards.


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