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– It would be nice to ask the brothers in Somalia to inform us of the economic situations in the states they control, as it is obvious that enabling people’s livelihood is an important part of the Religion.

It is the most important duty of the Amir [Emir].

For that reason, there must be an effort to establish an economic power.

I had in a previous message to you written some economic suggestions to be sent to the brothers in Somalia.

I did not receive from you an indication that they were sent.

If they were sent, it is important to follow up on them.

If they were not sent because of an obstacle, I have enclosed them in the message to resend them to them.

– It would be good to send advice to the brothers in Somalia about the benefit of doubt when it comes to dealing with crimes and applying the Sharee’ah, similar to what the Prophet said, to use doubts to fend off punishments.

– As far as what you mentioned of the desire of some of the brothers to go to the revolution fields in their countries, I have written in my message to you before I knew their desire the necessity of sending some qualified brothers to the field of the revolutions in their countries, to attempt to run things in a wise and jurisprudent manner in coordination with the Islamic powers there, while studying both sides of the benefits and which way is better before any of the brothers go.

First of all, there must be confirmation of the safety of the route.

That is for the brothers whom we would ask to go, or the brothers who did not insist on going, and for those whom you notice are highly excited and cannot withstand staying.

That is those whose conditions you accommodate and allow to go while doing the best to secure the best safe routes for them.

– As for Shaykh Bashir Al-Madani (Yunis), if the place in which he is currently located is safe, then he should postpone his travel until the regime in Syria or Yemen falls.

As for the brothers with him, they should be dealt with as I have explained in the previous item.

– I read the message of Sahib At-Tayyib, and your response to it.

It seemed to me that the message indicates that some information has been leaked to Sahib At-Tayyib through some of the scholars who are connected directly or indirectly to the government, or through some of the scholars who may have a personal opinion that follows the public opinion of the importance of stability in the Gulf.

They might have wanted to hint to Sahib At-Tayyib about the seriousness of instigating the situation in the kingdom so that he asks us about that.

Therefore, he in turn only hinted at it, that is one way of reading that message.

I ask that you read it again in an analytical way and tell me about what you come up with by reading it, and also enclose a copy of it to Shaykh Abu Muhammad.

– Regarding brother Tufan and what you asked of reviewing his writings, due to the many duties and shortage of time, I will ask that Shaykh Abu Muhammad* do that.

Please enclose the writings of the brother to him, but in general, I say that the stage now is to spread awareness in the Ummah after all the flood of good, praise Allah.

It should be given attention and good direction.

– Regarding Hamzah, Allah reward you for your effort in getting him out.

Of the options you presented, I say the third option, which is that he should get out as soon as possible to Baluchistan, where it is only a way to reach Sindh.

He should not wait there except long enough to continue travel, and should not meet with any of the brothers there.

After he arrives in Sindh, he will contact a person in Peshawar, whose number we enclosed in a message to Hamzah, to agree on a specific location to meet in Peshawar.

– To be continued.


*Shaykh Abu Muhammad = Dr Ayman Az-Zawahiri


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