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– It would be nice to remind our brothers in the regions to be patient and deliberate.

Warn them against entering into confrontations with parties belonging to Islam.

It is probable that most of the areas will have governments established on the remnants of the previous governments, and most probable these governments will belong to Islamic parties and groups, like the Brotherhood and the like.

Our duty at this stage is to pay attention to the call among Muslims and win over supporters and spread the correct understanding, as the current conditions have brought on unprecedented opportunities.

The coming of Islamic governments that follow the Salafi doctrine is a benefit to Islam.

The more time that passes and the call increases, the more the supporters will be of the people, and the more widespread will be the correct understanding among the coming generations of Islamic groups.

– Regarding the operations that the brothers in Yemen are intending to conduct using poison, please be careful of doing it without enough study of all aspects, including political and media reaction against the Mujahideen and their image in the eyes of the public.

Please pay attention to the matter.

– Regarding the communications with the brothers in Iraq, please inform us on its progress and the reason for its scarcity.

– Regarding the brothers coming from Iran, you are the more knowledgeable of the security situation on your side and in Baluchistan, so arrange for them the most secure places, and Allah is the Protector.

– Regarding what you mentioned about the British intelligence saying that England is going to leave Afghanistan if Al-Qaedah [Al-Qaidah] promised not to target their interests:

I think their stance is similar to that of the people of Damascus when Khalid Ibn Al-Walid entered it, and they became sure of being defeated, so they hurried to hold a peace treaty with Abu Ubaidah Allah be pleased with him.

So I say that we do not enable them on that, but without slamming the door completely closed.

– As far as the French hostages with our brothers in the Islamic Maghreb, I want to warn that the atmosphere after the French standing towards the Libyan people does not condone killing the French, due to what will follow of negative reflections, after it became evident that most of the common people support Sarkozy.

If we need to kill them then that should be after the end of Libyan events and their developments.

The better benefit as far as I see is to exchange the woman with the best that would benefit you and the brothers there.

As for the men, if the brothers can wait, then they should keep them until the elections.

If that is difficult, then they should exchange half of them and keep the other half which should be the higher ranking and the more important ones.

If that also is difficult, then at a minimum they should keep the most important man of them until the French elections.

It is better that the negotiations not be public and that they place a time limit on it, so that the French do not postpone the exchange until the elections, so that it becomes a winning card in their hands, even though the remaining period to the election is not that short.

– Regarding the British officer captured by our brothers in Somalia, I say that we attempt to exchange him for our prisoners with them, or with their allies.

So if this happens then it is what we want.

Should they reach a road block and they cannot keep him as a pressure card on France to leave Afghanistan before Sarkozy elections, then he is to be ransomed with money.

They are to be made aware of what I said about the ramifications of killing the French in this stage, even though the reaction to killing would be less if the killing was from their side than if it is from Al-Qaedah in Islamic Maghreb side.

– To be continued.



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