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Moreover, we have to remember another important issue, which is that Jihad in Afghanistan is a duty to establish the rule of Allah ~Sharee’ah [Shariah] in it.

It is the path towards conducting the larger duty, which is liberating the one-and-a-half billion-person Ummah and regain its sanctities.

When we were conducting Jihad in Afghanistan and bleeding down the leader of the international kufr, it reached such weakness that Muslim people have regained some self-confidence and courage.

It removed some of the oppressive pressure that was exhausting and failing anyone who thought of crossing America’s agents, the pressure of the supreme power that threatened to keep whom it desires and remove whom it desires.

With the gradual deterioration of that pressure, came the comprehensive revolutions launched at the hands of the people whose extreme majority are Islam loving.

We have to get into expanding the programmed and directed media.

Our efforts in directing the Ummah’s research and deciding on a specific plan that we all discuss, as the oncoming stage is important and very dangerous and does not tolerate the apparent differences in our directives.

Initially, I would see that one of the most important steps of the oncoming stage is inciting the people who have not revolted yet, and encouraging them to rise against the rulers and the methods, indicating that it is a religious duty and a necessity.

The arrows* are concentrated on toppling the rulers without discussing the differences on issues, while paying maximum attention to spreading awareness and correcting the understanding.

We send to the brothers in all the regions to pay attention to spreading the book (Understandings That Must Be Corrected) by Shaykh Muhammad Qutb.

And due to our efforts in plugging that gap and preparing a plan to guide the Ummah, we must mobilize all the resources that have expressive abilities in speech, poetry, visual, or audio and devote them completely towards directing and guiding the Ummah’s youths.

We leave running the work in Afghanistan and Waziristan to the resources that have field and administrative abilities, and do not have expressive abilities.

Please inform Shaykh Abu Yahya and the other brothers who have expressive abilities on the previous parts of the message, and inform me of their opinions without missing any of them, as every voice that can contribute in this stage should not be excluded.

General points after the second message:

– Enclosed is a statement to the Ummah in regard to the revolutions.

Please review it and if there are remarks on parts of it by the brothers then there is no problem in revising it.

Then send it to Al-Jazeera Network, noting that I have enclosed a copy of it in a new card [flash drive or memory card] with nothing else on it.

Please expedite its release and broadcast due to the importance and developments of the events.

– Regarding the paper you sent that is titled, “Elements For Research Regarding The Arab Revolutions”, it is very important, so please start researching it and I might comment on it and on all your media activities after the revolutions in the next message, due to lack of time.

Enclosed is a file titled, “Suggestions Towards Resolving The Crises In Yemen”, if you could rearrange the ideas in it and reshape them and publish it under your name.

If you do not see that as appropriate, put my son Khalid’s name on it and direct the article to the scholars and dignitaries of Yemen.

The situation requires expediency in that as much as possible.

– To be continued.


*efforts, weapons, energy


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