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AlHamduliLlah Rabb Al-Aalameen

Peace and prayers be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and all of his companions.


To the esteemed brother, Shaykh Mahmud, Allah protect him.
As-Salam alaykum waRahmatuLlah waBarakatuH.

I hope this message will reach you, your family, offspring, and all the brothers in good condition.

I received your first and then your second messages, Allah reward you for the totality of what it contained.

To start, I want to talk about the most important point in our modern history, the point of launching the Ummah’s revolution against the tyrants, and for which I ask Allah to make a start for reviving the dignity of the Religion and its glory.

What we are witnessing these days of consecutive revolutions is a great and glorious event, and it is most probable, according to reality and history, that it will encompass the majority of the Islamic world with the Help of Allah.

And AlHamduliLlah, things are strongly heading towards the end of the domination of Muslims by America.

Americans are worried about that, which is great.

The Secretary Of State indicated in her visit to Yemen that, “We worry that the region will fall into the hands of the armed Islamists”.

That warning was directed to Ali Abdullah Salih and the remainder of the rulers during the revolution in Tunisia, before the revolution in Egypt that toppled Mubarak erupted.

The fall of the remaining tyrants in the region became necessary with the Will of Allah, and it was the beginning of a new era for the whole Ummah.

These events are the most important events that the Ummah have witnessed for centuries, as since the Ummah has entered her current stage she has not witnessed any movements to save her that are as large as the all-encompassing movements that were launched with the Grace of Allah these days.

It is known that comprehensive popular movements inevitably change the conditions, so if we double the efforts to direct and educate the Muslim peoples and warn them to be cautious of half solutions, while taking care in providing good advice to them, the oncoming stage will be for Islam, with Allah’s Permission.

Know that movements calling for half solutions such as Al-Ikhwan [the Brotherhood]* have witnessed a spread of the proper ideology among their membership in recent years, especially in the growing generations.

One of the Brotherhood members discussed that phenomenon in a lengthy question among the questions addressed to Shaykh Abu Muhammad.

In addition, it was mentioned in many of the media houses that there is a sizable direction within the Brotherhood that holds the Salafi doctrine, so the return of the Brotherhood and those like them to the true Islam is a matter of time, with the Will of Allah.

The more attention paid to explaining Islamic understanding, the sooner their return is, so preserving the Muslim movements today and adjusting their direction requires effort and attention, keeping in mind the necessity of being kind to the children of the Ummah who fell under misguidance for long decades.

That great duty, the duty of guidance and advice, which is connected to the fate of the Ummah, lacks one who can fulfil it conscious of guidance based on the Sharee’ah [Shariah].

I have asked in the past that the faithful in the Ummah select from among themselves a number of Ulema and wise men, who then form a Shura Council that follows up on the issues of the Ummah and provides guidance, opinion, and advice.

But after they delayed in conducting that duty, and the Ummah entered that pivotal stage, it became incumbent upon us, the Mujahideen, to fulfil that duty and to plug that gap as much as we can.

That became one of the utmost duties after faith, so that the Ummah is liberated with the Will of Allah and the Religion regains its glory.

There is no doubt that the duties on the Mujahideen are numerous, except that this great duty should take the main share of our efforts so that we do not short-change it and expose the Ummah’s uprising today, to what the revolutions against the western occupation was exposed to in the past.

– To be continued.


*Muslim Brotherhood



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