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The second: The matter is that some Muslims in Somalia are suffering from immense poverty and malnutrition, because of the prolonged wars in their country.

I have a determined plan of action, using one of my sermons to press the business community in the countries of the Arabian Peninsula to support pro-active and important developmental projects which are not expensive; we happen to have tried these in Sudan.

Therefore, by not having the Mujahideen openly allied with Al-Qaedah, it would strengthen those entrepreneurs who are willing to help the brothers in Somalia, and would keep people with the Mujahideen.

The above are some of my viewpoints about what you proposed in your loving letter, including the other issues which you had, about which Shaykh Mahmud [Atiyyah] will respond to you.

And before closing: we follow your news and victories through the media.

Allah reward you with ample blessings for all your efforts and your Jihad.

Regarding your strike against the African Forces, you must review it frequently in order to shelter Muslims from their onerous attacks against Bakarah Market.

Perhaps your operations against them could be during their arrival to or departure from the airport and without conducting your operational attacks against their headquarters unless those operations were large or through underground tunnels helping you reach the heart of the camp; and with time, an external attack.

Anyway, we hope that you review this matter and Allah empower and bless you with accuracy against your target.

In closing: I press upon you as much as I press upon myself to remain devout, patient, and persistent in upholding the high moral values, which were upheld by an “Amir of reconciliation” toward his community.

That is, with Allah’s Help, the dream of the Amir in his pardon, his justice, his patience, his good treatment of his charge, and his refusal to burden them with what they can not handle.

I would like you to pass on my greetings to all those respectable Mujahideen brothers on your side for whom we ask Allah, Free From Imperfection Is He and The Exalted, to render them victorious against their enemies and to protect them from the wickedness of traitors.

The last of our prayers is praise be to Allah, Lord of the Universe [AlHamduliLlah Rabb Al-Aalameen].

And peace and prayers be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and all of his companions.

Peace be upon you, as well as Allah’s Mercy and Blessings.

Your Brother Zamarai
Friday Sha’ban 26, 1431

Attached is a book titled Niqat Al-Irtikaz [Fundamental Points].


Zamarai = a moniker for Usamah Bin Laden [Osama Bin Ladin]

The date on the letter corresponds to Friday August 6, 2010.


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