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Also, I hope that brother Abu Basir* be informed that the media appearance is his task, and in general, they should reduce the appearance during this period unless necessary.

And if necessity calls for one of the brothers to issue a speech, then Abu Basir should review it before it is broadcasted in the media.

It shall be pointed out, whereas you did not point out, that the speech of brother Sa’id Al-Shahri that was issued about the apprehension of one of the sisters in Saudi was not appropriate at the time.

With regard to what you mentioned in a previous message, regarding your opinion to reduce the correspondence, we are concerned with the security aspect.

Yet I have a tape for the Ummah that includes rousing the people of Iraq and preaching to the As-Sahwaat ~Awakenings* to return to the Mujahideen.

I am going to send it, In Sha Allah, the next time.

You can arrange with the courier to have the card that will contain this statement delivered to the media section directly.

If a necessary matter develops, we shall attach to you a message that will be sent to you by the media section.

– Attached with this message is a visual statement to the American people that I hope a copy of it be given to the International Al Jazeera and the Arab Al Jazeera.

I also hope for it to be translated (voiced over) to English and to be delivered to the Al Jazeera channel prior to the anniversary of September 11 ~9/11, to be broadcasted during it.

Two copies of it are attached, one of which is recorded and the other written.

– We sent you, along with the messages that preceded this, a statement regarding the floods of Pakistan.

Its broadcasting to media was delayed; perhaps it is for a good reason.

However, in any case, I had attached the content of this card to this message.

– Note: Please broadcast the flood statement before the American people statement, as the American people statement will be during the anniversary of 9/11.

– Attached is a message from my son Khalid to brother Abdul-Lateef [Abd-al-Latif], and a message to the brothers in the media section.

In conclusion, I ask Allah, the Glorified and Almighty, to protect you and to make you successful towards what He loves and is satisfied with, and the last of our prayers is praise be to Allah, Lord of the Universe [AlHamduliLlah Rabb Al-Aalameen].

And peace and prayers be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and all of his companions.

Peace be upon you, as well as Allah’s Mercy and Blessings.

Thursday Ramadhan 17, 1431


*In the Arabic original, it is Basir and not Abu Basir throughout. Analysts deem it a reference to Abu Basir.

*As-Sahwaat = national security agents, i.e. police, army, air force and so on.

The literal meaning of as-sahwaat is awakenings or perhaps reformists, typically away from Islam, though it can be used as a return to Islam.

The date on the letter corresponds to Thursday August 26, 2010.


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