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AlHamduliLlah Rabb Al-Aalameen
Peace and prayers be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and all of his companions.

To the noble brother, Shaykh Mahmud, may Allah protect him.
As-Salam alaykum waRahmatuLlah waBarakatuH.

I hope you receive this message of mine while you, your family, children, and all of the brothers are in good health.

– With regard to what you mentioned in a previous message, that some brothers may go to Iran as part of a plan to protect brothers, I see that Iran is not suitable.

Also, when choosing the areas where the brothers will be inside Pakistan it is necessary to take into consideration that they are not areas that encountered floods or may encounter them in the future.

– With regard to brothers coming from Iran, I see, at this stage, that they be at safe locations outside the areas being attacked.

– Regarding what is related to Pakistan, I did not take a look at the report you mentioned. However, the opinion in general is to be concerned with calming things down and focusing efforts on the Americans.

– With regard to what pertains to appointing brothers in the administrative positions, I see that they pledge an allegiance that would include some points, which would protect the work and its secrets.

Therefore, I hope that you all deliberate concerning the matter and inform me of your opinion, and amongst the proposed points, for example:

1- Listening, obedience, and Jihad so as to bring back the Khilaphah [Khaliphate – Caliphate].

2- Protect operational secrets.

3- Protect the work he is going to be responsible for, and provide advice to the leadership.

– Regarding what brother Abu Basir mentioned relating to Anwar Al-Awlaki, it would be excellent if you inform him, on my behalf in a private message to him, to remain in his position where he is qualified and capable of running the matter in Yemen.

Therefore, he shall continue, by the blessings of Allah, as he has the characteristics that make him capable of that.

Additionally, the presence of some of the characteristics in our brother Anwar Al-Awlaki is a good thing, in order to serve Jihad, and how excellent would it be if he gives us a chance to be introduced to him more.

– Also, I hope that he be informed of us still needing more information from the battlefield in Yemen, so that it is feasible for us, with the help of Allah, to make the most appropriate decision to either escalate or calm down.

And with regard to informing us of the situations by them, thus I hope that brother Abu Basir writes me his vision in detail about the situations and also asks brother Anwar Al-Awlaki to write his vision in detail in a separate message, as well as brother Abu Sufyan Sa’id Al-Shahri, to send his vision in detail and separate.

How excellent would it be if you ask brother Abu Basir to send us the resume, in detail and lengthy, of brother Anwar Al-Awlaki, as well as the facts he relied on when recommending him, while informing him that his recommendation is considered.

However, we would like to be reassured more. For example, we here become reassured of the people when they go to the line* and get examined there.


– To be continued.

*Literally line, possibly referring to Jihad front, i.e. participation in Jihad.

Due to lack of time, I could do only a swift comparison with the Arabic original.



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