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MULLA UMAR: The Making Of A Leader – V

The re-emergence of the Mujahideen, disciplined and well coordinated, with the banner of the Islamic Movement Of Taliban brought sanity to 95% of Afghanistan, including key provinces such as Kabul, Kandahar, and Helmand.

The Islamic government thrived on the harmony instituted by the Sharee’ah ~Shariah.

Corporations were safe to transact legal business.

Contrary to western propaganda, the Taliban destroyed every known opium farm, as prescribed in the Sharee’ah.

Actually, trade in heroin in Afghanistan went ballistic as soon as coalition forces usurped power.

The education system which was on its knees – a result of decades of instability – was kept running for the benefit of future generations.

Due to lack of resources, school teachers were encouraged to conduct classes at the teacher’s home.

To assist in the training of children, Muslim-run non-governmental organisations opened schools.

Women teachers and girl child education received endorsement from the Taliban administration.

The Taliban, now the Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan, are a body of disciplined soldiers with a charismatic leader who keeps a keen eye on local and international news.

Between coordinating the activities of the Islamic Emirate, Muhammad takes time to share jokes with his soldiers – commanders and regulars.

From June 24, 1994 [Muharram 15, 1415] with its establishment as the Islamic Movement Of Taliban, the Islamic Emirate have sought to improve the living standard of Afghans.

Until the disruption of their administration by the United States Of America and her allies, women’s rights were protected.

Cultural practices of subjugation of women and girl were never upheld.

MULLA UMAR: The Making Of A Leader – II

The path exhibited by the Islamic Emirate is a direct manifestation of the meticulous belief of Mulla Muhammad in the pristine sources of Islam – the Qur’an and the Sunnah – and the aqeedah of Ahl As-Sunnah Wal-Jama’ah.

The simple life of Mulla Muhammad is such that he does not own his residence.

His living arrangement is met by state treasury [Bait Al Mal].

Mulla Muhammad possesses no financial assets either within or outside Afghanistan.

That raises the question of the purpose and efficacy of financial sanctions by the US government and the United Nations.

A confession of sorts: I have for close to 15 years loved Mulla Muhammad Umar.

I have been reticent on my desire to marry Mulla Umar, so as not to distract the Taliban from Jihad.

Plus, I very likely will give the man a high blood pressure with my brand of outspoken living!!!!

Picture this:

Muhammad: Umm Sulaim darling, please get me a glass of water.

I: Leave me alone!

Muhammad (hands on his head): Who asked me to marry a Nigerian woman?!!!!

Serious laughter.


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