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MULLA UMAR: The Making Of A Leader – III

This is a full transcript of the speech of Mulla Muhammad Umar on the eve of the American invasion of Afghanistan in 2001.

Allah is Almighty. Whether it is America or a tiny ant, it makes no difference for Him.

America and her allies should listen carefully that the Islamic Emirate is not like one of the previous regimes whose Amir (leader) would flee the country; as it happened in the case of King Zahir Shah, the former Monarch of Afghanistan, who sought asylum in Rome.

Nor will my soldiers (Mujahideen) surrender to you.

You should remember that these are well-organised Jihadi fronts.

If the capital and other cities of the country fall in your hand and the Islamic government is ousted, instead of surrendering, our Mujahideen will spread to the countryside and go to the mountains. What will you do then?

Inevitably, you will be caught and killed everywhere just like the Russians.

You should realise that bringing chaos is very easy but its eradication and the restoration of law and order is a huge and strenuous task.

Death is inevitable and all living creatures will have to die one day.

Instead of dying without faith and dignity while supporting the Americans, would it not be better to die with faith and dignity in the service of Islam?

MULLA UMAR: The Making Of A Leader – II


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