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Another death threat has been issued against Ndi Igbo over political elections.

The initial threat was at the presidential election.

This time, the occasion is the gubernatorial election.

What is it with ill-will towards my people?

Are certain persons so senseless they hinge their political survival on a people they loathe?

The first incitement of violence was by a faceless online creature.

This time, Nigerians can connect an identity to the author.

And the instigator, the one who rained curses on Ndi Igbo is none other than the Oba of Lagos, Rilwan Akiolu.

The King of Lagos, a powerful figure in the state, has blatantly lost all decorum to threaten that should Ndi Igbo in Lagos dare vote against his choice of governor Ndi Igbo will perish in the Lagos lagoon!

The worst part was the inauspicious remarks were made to visiting Igbo leaders at the Iga Idunganran Palace.

I do wonder why Ndi Igbo somehow manage to be treated with such ignominy right to their face.

Ndi Eze Ndi Igbo each from each of the local government and council development areas of Lagos paid homage to the Oba in his palace and received threats and curses in return.

It is clear Ndi Igbo have a reputation for defying odds and changing the political scene.

Threats of violent drowning within seven ~7 days will not change that.

The people of Igbo Nation voted massively for President Goodluck Jonathan, as did the ethnicities of the South-South.

Interestingly, Igbos who previously supported Akinwunmi Ambode have since the threat begun to campaign against his governorship ambitions.

Ndi Igbo do vote for own candidate of choice.

As Nigerians condemn the Oba for his venoms, let us remember the Oba speaks for neither the Yoruba ethnicity nor the All Progressives Congress ~APC and its gubernatorial candidate for Lagos State.

The half-truths in the statement issued by the Oba’s Palace on this matter does not hold.

An audio recording settles the issue and is clear the Oba did threaten an entire ethnicity in his rants.

This, after spending $250,000 on prayers in the Holy City of Mekkah, Saudi Arabia for the election victory of Akinwunmi.

To add salt to injury, Igbo traditional rulers assured Oba Rilwan Akiolu of the Igbo vote for Akinwunmi Ambode come this Saturday April 11, 2015.

It is one thing to refrain from putting the Oba where he belongs right in his palace.

It is another to feed into his contempt for Ndi Igbo.

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