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MULLA UMAR: The Making Of A Leader – II

The anti-atheism war that deprived him of his education ended and Mulla Muhammad Umar established an education centre, a madrasah, in Kandahar.

The year was 1992 and Muhammad was 32 years old.

That, nonetheless, did not witness the cessation of the influence of communism in Afghanistan.

The first conflict was occasioned by the intrusion of foreign communists, of the Soviet Union.

What came next was an egregious internal disorder with Afghan communists as the major players.

Afghanistan fell into a second round of decadence, for warlords ran their territories on extortion and organised crime.

Security of citizens plummeted.

In the last week of June, 1994 – Muharram 15, 1415 – at a meeting of Mujahideen and Ulema to address the suffering of the people of Afghanistan, Mulla Muhammad Umar received a mandate from the Chief Judge Said Muhammad on behalf of the Mujahideen.

The mandate was once more to embark on Jihad to restore the dignity of Afghans whose rights and freedoms were being trampled.

On that fateful day, Muhammad Umar in his speech to the Islamic Movement Of Taliban promised to obliterate corruption and the anarchy on which it thrives.

Commencing with Kandahar, the Taliban purged the society of destructive elements.

Gradually, lawlessness gave way to law enforcement and repression to peace.

Civilians endorsed the positive change introduced by the Taliban.

Two years later, various parts of the country were enjoying the sacrifices of the selfless Mujahideen.

With the success of the mission, and the restoration of normalcy, another meeting was called in Kandahar.

The Ulema, all Afghans, numbering 1,500, unanimously appointed Mulla Umar Amir Al-Mu’mineen and swore the oath of allegiance to him, accordingly.

The day was April 4, 1996 – Dhul Qa’da, 15, 1416.

MULLA UMAR: The Making Of A Leader – I

Summary: Mulla Muhammad Umar – Retired to Kandahar; concerned over abuse of power by fractious warlords; granted leadership of the Taliban; resumed Jihad to restore order; became Amir Al-Mu’mineen.

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