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MULLA UMAR: The Making Of A Leader – I

Born in the year 1960, Mulla Muhammad Umar Ibn Ghulam Nabi Ibn Muhammad Rasool Ibn Baaz Muhammad was from an educated and prominent family.

Belonging to Pashtun ethnicity, Muhammad Umar is of the Tomzi clan of Hotak tribe in Chah-i-Himmat village of Khakrez district in Kandahar Province.

At the tender age of five ~5, Muhammad Umar lost his father, Ghulam Nabi.

Muhammad was cared for by his uncles Muhammad Anwar and Muhammad Jumma, both of whom saw to his education.

Muhammad’s higher education was interrupted with the Russian-backed military takeover of power in 1978, when he was 18 years old.

Muhammad was to resume his Islamic Studies some 14 years later, at the end of the war against communism.

Founded on atheism, the new regime began to dismantle religious institutions and persecute Muslim leaders and religious students.

Thus commenced the entrance into Jihad of Muslims in Afghanistan.

Muhammad was one of such Mujahideen.

For three ~3 years, in Uruzgan Province, the Jihad career of Mulla Muhammad Umar was engraved in gold.

Muhammad joined a branch of the Islamic Revolutionary Movement [Harkat-i-Inqilaab-i-Islami] based in Deh-Rawud, a district of Uruzgan.

Due to his military prowess, Muhammad often was nominated by various Jihad organisations in Deh-Rawud to lead Jihad operations in the region.

Back to his home state of Kandahar, Muhammad went in 1983 to bolster the Jihad offensive.

Under the umbrella of Harkat-i-Inqilaab-i-Islami in Maiwand, Muhammad Umar eventually became the head of military operations.

Armed with his favourite weapon, the RPG-7, a single shot, shoulder launched anti-tank rocket propelled grenade launcher, Mulla Umar personally led military strikes against Russian invaders and their Afghan collaborators.

Naturally, he received a number of wounds in battle, four ~4, the most well-known being right eye damage.

Civilian casualty figures of Russian aggression was 1.5 million lives, staggering to the mind.

It was during this Jihad that he met and fought alongside some of his current comrades including:

1. Mulla Biradar Akhund, later the Deputy of the Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan ~IEA;

2. Mulla Ubaidullah Akhund, to become on United States-led invasion, Deputy of Amir-ul-Mu’mineen and Defence Minister of the Islamic Emirate.

The defeat of Russians and their proxies who ran the Afghan government came in 1992.

– To be continued.

Summary: Mulla Muhammad Umar – Born in Kandahar; educated in Uruzgan, where he made his name as a Mujahid; led critical military successes against Russians in Kandahar; met his lifelong Jihad partners in the battle plains of Kandahar.


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