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To creatures calling for violence against Ndi Igbo:

I am Igbo and very proud of it.

In fact, for years, I have refused to identify as or pretend to be of any other ethnicity, in any way.

You threaten my people.

Murder and anarchy must be the change for which you clamour.

One did wonder what change Nigerians crave.

It is certainly a change from freedom to repression, peace to social injustice, unity to divisiveness, and individuality to tribalism.

Ndi Igbo in voting massively for President Goodluck Jonathan exercised the same right you did – the right to vote for a candidate of one’s choice.


You will do well to note the phrase “same right”, for Ndi Igbo are your equals.

Yes, you are accustomed to the massacre of Ndi Igbo whenever your tribalistic sentiments drive you to it.

Is that really change?

Rather, your change is a reversion to the negative ways of the past.

Your change is retrogressive and not progressive.

Your change is a return to dictatorship, where no one is held accountable for abuses.

Has anyone ever been held to justice for violent crimes against Ndi Igbo, as well as persons deemed to be Igbo?

Impunity is the change you seek.

Was your justification for voting General Muhammadu Buhari any more valid than that of Ndi Igbo for the choice of President Goodluck Jonathan?

Was your decision not based on the assumption that any president is better than Goodluck Jonathan?

The opposite is that Muhammadu Buhari is not a better choice of president than Goodluck Jonathan.

When you eventually act on your threat to kill Nigerians of Igbo origin, will you spare the substantial few who voted for Muhammadu Buhari?

Perhaps supporters of Muhammadu among Ndi Igbo are a dispensable lot, to be used and discarded at your whim.


I was privately concerned at the possibility of ethnic cleansing even should Muhammadu win the presidential election.

Just moments after the publication of results from the South-East, you have proven your true nature – a creature in constant quest for blood.

Nothing satisfies you, not even the fact that your candidate for whatever you term change leads in the polls.

The one and only,
Umm Sulaim


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