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My profound gratitude to all Nigerians of diverse ethnicities who stood against the protagonist of the incitement to exterminate Ndi Igbo.


As a precaution, we need to note that creature has supporters, who share his doctrine of ethnic violence.

Vigilance is the keyword.

I researched the now suspended Twitter account of that creature who referred to self as a King With No Crown, pertinent moniker it is.

A few critical points:

A. His hatred of Ndi Igbo is linked to the erroneous claim that the Igbo are Nigerian Jews.

B. He has a long history of inciting the murder of Ndi Igbo.

C. He has repeatedly drawn the attention of Ndi Igbo.

D. Unless I am mistaken – and for once, I sincerely hope I am wrong – this creature has Igbo friends.

E. Despite his interactions with Ndi Igbo, only recently did a massive effort to make him face justice come to light.

F. Apparently, some of his admirers saw his vituperations are completely harmless and even amusing.

G. His name at least online is Mick Mcvey, which he spells Mcvaaey.

H. He resides in Canada, assuming he has not yet arrived any of either Iraq or Syria.

I. He is a Muslim, at least appears to be.


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