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Why was there such a low figure of accredited voters in relation to registered voters?

Was it a case of less voter turnout than expected?

There is the issue of uncollected permanent voter’s card ~PVC.

Malfunction at accreditation caused by incorrect biodata of the voter could be a contributing factor.

Why is the incumbent President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan performing entirely poorly in the South?

Did his supporters expect he will have a landslide victory and hence did not bother to vote?

Are Nigerians truly fed up with the administration of Goodluck Jonathan?

Do Nigerians genuinely desire change – and from what to what?

Is change for the worse or better?

We will discover that should General Muhammadu Buhari occupy Aso Rock.

In Ekiti State, only 62.01% of voters who had collected their PVCs were accredited.

The percentages for the rest as announced thus far are:

Ogun = 52.86%
Enugu = 50.35%
Kogi = 51.49%
Osun = 66.12%
Ondo = 55.26%
FCT = 60.46%
Oyo = 65.48%
Nasarawa = 53.71%

The President fared badly, much worse than predicted.

In the South-West of the Yoruba, Ogun, Osun, Ondo and Oyo States, Goodluck lagged by 100,000, 134,000, 48,500, and 225,000 votes, respectively.

The people of Enugu gave the President the boost he needed with a resounding 539,000 vote lead against his closest rival, Muhammadu.

It appears the fate of the President will be held firmly by Ndi Igbo in the South-East.

Expectedly, the multiple ethnicities of the South-South will add to rescue the incumbent.

Of course, the effectiveness of any salvation relies entirely on its ability to neutralise the aggregate votes from the North.


Should the President lose this election, one must acknowledge he definitely is a man of integrity to not engage in vote rigging.

That by no means calls to question the credibility of the election should the President retain his seat.

For the good of Nigeria, we all must accept the outcome no matter how shocking.


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