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Professor Attahiru Muhammadu Jega, the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission ~INEC has confirmed that collation of presidential results will commence at 12:00 hours Monday March 30, 2015.

It is interesting to note results of the presidential and National Assembly elections have been unofficially reported on traditional and social media.

Yet, announcements of election results by other than INEC is illegal and an electoral offence.

Where are the Nigeria Police and State Security Service?

Should I as much as repost the reporting of even a single result, one expects I shall have to spend time in detention.

I do commend all law enforcement agents who have been active to secure the life and property of citizens.

There were credible threats to safety of Nigerian, but security agents performed tremendously to maintain law and order.

The general calmness of elections nationwide is a remarkable attestation of the civility of the Nigerian people. We Nigerians are disciplined.

We must applaud each other on our outstanding conduct.

INEC officials delayed to arrive at the polling unit, voters waited patiently.

In the sun and rain, the electorate stood, a display of pride in our darling nation Nigeria.

The few isolated incidents of violence have not marred the electoral process.

As the results of the elections are announced, we must remain true to self – disciplined to the core.

We are one Nation regardless of who wins the presidential election.

We are proudly Nigerians whether or not we like the person to steer the affairs of this nation for the next four years, until 2019.

We are law-abiding citizens even should we disagree with the election results.

For safety reasons, it is advisable for citizens resident in volatile cities and towns to maintain a low profile.

Any pockets of stronghold of the All Progressives Congress ~APC in the North, plus Rivers State are dangerous locations should Muhammadu Buhari lose the election.

Especially in the North, any citizen who is certainly different does well to stay out of sight.

Should Goodluck Jonathan acknowledge defeat, Ekiti State especially might be a security concern.

We survived the pre-election and election days.

We need to strive to keep our head in the post-election phase.

Afterwards, let us celebrate Nigeria.

Keep safe, Nigerians.

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