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One evening as a 16 year-old teenager, I sought a lift from a police officer whom I met at the entrance to the residential apartments where I lived.


He was there to look for someone else who was unavailable.

The officer agreed to offer me a lift.

There was a caveat as I soon learnt.

The officer informed me I should have to stay in the back seat.

Hey! I jokingly protested.

We both laughed over it.

The very nice policeman explained civilians were not allowed in the front seat of the marked police vehicle.

I certainly was uncomfortable with the idea of sitting at the back.

It would be as if I had been arrested.

I did take the lift during which I conversed with the officer.

I was dropped outside the police station.

I thanked him and proceeded on my way to work, which was a little farther on the same road as the police station.

The question is:

Is it wrong for a police officer to drive children or young persons to the latter’s destination or part of the way?


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This entry was posted on March 23, 2015 by in Beautiful Children, Young Brilliance.


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