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Nigeria North: AHEAD OF 2015 ELECTIONS 6

Senatorial election campaigns of the All Progressives Congress ~APC this evening reached my Arkilla neighbourhood in Sokoto metropolis.

I heard a speaker on a public address system and knew election reality was in the vicinity.

Right on the road in front of my home was a crowd of mostly men numbering around a hundred ~100.

Well, I did no detour.

I went right past the crowd, as they chanted political slogans.

Of course, the experience is not complete without a group of teenage boys walking behind me who called me Boko Haram.

No problem.

I shall still come this way again to give anyone in the crowd a second opportunity to display their idiocy.

I noticed some shops were closed or had their wares out of sight.

I confirmed that was a security measure against touts.

I did wonder why there was no visible police presence at the site of the campaign.

The good news was on my return I did perceive several armed police officers.

That was much better.

Throughout my outing, I received stares from persons of a particular ethnicity.

Perhaps, I was expected to disrupt my life so as not to be lynch by imbeciles or shot by the police for being Boko Haram.

The police did not even take a second glance at me as I walked proudly with my hand on hip.

Thank you, police officers.

Pasted on the road were posters of the state Governor.

Governor Aliyu Magatakarda Wamakko is running as senator for the seat of Sokoto North constituency.

Coincidentally, his town Wamakko forms the bulk of Sokoto city.

The Governor was due to address the crowd, though I am uncertain of his presence at the venue as of the time I returned home.

Nigeria North: AHEAD OF 2015 ELECTIONS

NIGERIA NORTH: Ahead Of 2015 Elections


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