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ISIS IN NIGERIA | Executed For Amour

Boko Haram are not content with leaving behind burnt houses, farms and cattle, they have unearthed yet another misogynistic doctrine – execute a wife for the love of her.

Shortly before fleeing Bama in Borno State, Boko Haram insurgents murdered their own wives.

Yes, some of the women pleaded in futility against execution.

Such women demonstrated they were madly in love with their psychotic husband.

Why will the women not be killed for love?

Which man will hallucinate about being resurrected in Paradise with a woman who gave him hell on earth?

The women did exhibit willingness to live with Boko Haram in this world.

Why will the women not be shot by own husband so they can continue that revolting amorous relationship of theirs in the next life?

What were such women doing married to murderers in the first instance?

Were the women really forced into marriage?

That appears to be the proposed indication.

However, the reality is that the women who were murdered for love, were persons who had lived cooperatively with the religious doctrines of Boko Haram.

While some insurgents fled Bama with their wives – another prove of complicity – women who refused to embrace the Boko Haram faith were left behind.

I have always maintained Muslim women know precisely what they are doing.

Yes, women marry Boko Haram, as they do men of other armed Muslim groups.

Yes, women present the air of passivity and indecisiveness.

How and why else will one who identifies self as a man expect his widow will readily jump into bed with another man?

Is the Muslim woman incapable of waiting patiently until she meets her demented lover in whatever they call Paradise?

But, an unmarried woman is an eye sore to the community.

The life of a woman must be nothing but one man goes, another man comes.

Imagine the remarks of a female SSS operative that were I married my husband would have spoken on my behalf.

I am not a child. No man speaks on my behalf.

Besides, right there in detention, I was subjected to psychological trauma.

In order to convince me not to be furious over being criminalised by the State Security Service, SSS attempted to brainwash me.

For what SSS did to me, Allah will love me and I will go to Paradise.


And yes, SSS operatives are trained to reserve their religion to self.

The reality is at variance with that.



Researching for this publication, I was disgusted at the ease with which Allah’s Name is used to justify atrocities.

– Not by those who do not worship Allah.

– Not by persons who have no business with Allah.

– But, by the very creatures who claim Allah as their own.

Can Muslims distinguish Allah from shaytan?

Shaytan commands cruelty; Allah too commands cruelty.

But as Allah has Paradise to give, which shaytan does not, one prefers Allah to shaytan.

Or perhaps, Allah teaches viciousness and shaytan kindness.

For months, I have contemplated what creatures who worship Allah actually understand of Him.

Or perhaps, Muslims worship shaytan whom they have mistaken for Allah.

I am on record for stating Muslims in the North perceive Islam as a curse to be inflicted on any Muslim.


We are all Muslims! were the words of an SSS operative who ordered I be forcefully stripped of my Niqab and Hijab.

Since I ceased to identify as a Muslim, I no longer hear intimidation and threats from Muslims who cite whatever they call religion.

My advise to Muslims especially women:

Even if you are a Muslim, do not let these creatures know.

Yes, you will be amply rewarded, only if you value their way of life at the risk of your independence and faith.


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