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ISIS IN NIGERIA | Abducted Girls

As the countdown of Operation Six Weeks gradually subsides, there is still no sign of the abducted girls, boys and women of Chibok and several other towns in North-Eastern Nigeria.

Lieutenant General Kenneth Minimah, the Chief Of Army Staff, has admitted no one has volunteered information on the sighting of the girls.

April 14, 2015, will be a year since the horrendous abductions of over 200 girls from their school.

Of course, we are well aware that abduction was neither the first nor the last large scale kidnapping of innocent civilians by Boko Haram.

Chibok girls, therefore, represent all missing school children, and by extension, adults.

At the commencement of the present military onslaught to dislodge insurgents and re-establish Nigeria’s sovereignty, several citizens expressed optimism and expectation of the return of my girls.

What was my position?


It is clear my girls had been sold; Abubakar Shekau, or his clone, revealed as much.

Besides, with the emphasis on the rescue of my girls, I highly doubt they will be kept in a location where a rescue can be readily realised.

When my abducted girls are liberated, all well and good.

A suggestion to our army:

Be on alert for abducted girls, not in Boko Haram camps but in residential premises.

ISIS IN NIGERIA | Boko Haram’s Pledge


Some women and children have been “freed” from Boko Haram.

Freed appears in quotations until there is evidence the women were captives in the first instance.

Boko Haram do have wives, women who consciously and consentually marry insurgents.

Describing them as being rescued or freed is an insult to the intellect.

Interestingly, the abduction of innocent Nigerian girls and women is cited by Boko Haram as a retaliation for the wives of Boko Haram alleged to be in custody of security agents.

One final thought:

Let us hope Boko Haram will not abduct more of our women and girls in revenge for the latest “rescued” women and children.

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