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ISIS IN NIGERIA | Love At First Blind

Boko Haram’s Abubakar Shekau sent a distress call in the form of a marriage proposal to the Islamic State ~ISIS/ ISIL.

In return, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, the self-styled Khaliph Ibrahim, of the Islamic State accepted his hand in matrimony.

ISIS IN NIGERIA | Boko Haram’s Pledge

The nuptial agreement has since been celebrated among ISIS community of combatants and collaborators.

The occasion is referred to as the Islamic State In Nigeria.

What a fetching title!

Boko Haram, known only to self as Jama’atu AhlisSunna Lidda’awati Waljihad ~JASDJ, has a new name as indicated above.

Coincidentally, my publication series ISIS IN NIGERIA commenced just hours prior to the announcement of pledge of allegiance.

More ominous, in early 2014, I began working on an open letter to the Islamic State Of Iraq And Sham.

My records show the infographic for the article was created at 13:34 hours on April 6, 2014.

A draft letter was formulated which was either lost when my cellphone crashed or deleted.

The postponement and subsequent cancellation of its publication was the result of a dearth of evidence of any link between the two organisations.

The letter, addressed issues such as an alliance and material support.

Two months later, I did compose an open letter to Ayman Az-Zawahiri on Boko Haram, as there were contacts between Boko Haram and Al-Qaedah.

What is the possibility and probability that in addition to a plea for assistance, the pledge signalled a lack of confidence and support from Al-Qaedah to Boko Haram?

I conclude this treatise with a quote of Musa Cerantonio, an ISIS advocate:

“Of the many Nigerians I have spoken to, all of them are against the Christian government’s war against JASDJ even though none of them actually support the group, as most of them are clear in stating that the government is using this war as an excuse to subjugate the Muslims and to take control over the Muslim areas.”

I have deliberately not edited that quote in any form, which is unusual for my writings.

For instance, it occurs in parenthesis and not in blockquote.

There is no highlighting of critical segments.

All of this is in a bid to avoid the accusation of distorting the words of the author.

The attention of my akada is, nevertheless, drawn to:

The government is using this war as an excuse to subjugate the Muslims and to take control over the Muslim areas.

Now, I have been aware of anti-government elements among Nigerians, Muslims and non-Muslims, who fabricate allegations of religious persecution of Muslims just to discredit the federal government.

I hope such Nigerians will line up their mothers to be abducted and raped, as their vituperations have become a weapon to be used against Nigeria herself.


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