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ISIS IN NIGERIA | Boko Haram’s Pledge

What, if any, are the implications of the pledge of allegiance by Boko Haram to the Islamic State ~ISIS/ ISIL?

In a single sentence, the pledge of allegiance is more a plea for assistance.

Although unverified is the authenticity of the audio clip purporting to pronounce the pledge of allegiance of the leader of Boko Haram to the Islamic State Of Iraq And Sham ~ISIS/ ISIL, this analysis assumes its veracity.

Irrespective of its authenticity, the oath of allegiance will have occurred sooner or latter.


Given recent aggressive military onslaught against Boko Haram formations in the North-East of Nigeria plus the Far North of Cameroon, the plea for assistance is well primed.

The pledge was made by, yes, Abubakar Shekau in Arabic, with English and French translations.


The insurgent organisation, Boko Haram, for over three weeks have been pounded by the Nigerian Army ~NA and Nigerian Air Force ~NAF through air strikes and ground bombardments.

In this brief period, Boko Haram have lost positions they previously held.

Boko Haram have been flushed by our military from 30 villages and towns – and still counting.

The insurgents are in disarray and are desperate for sympathisers and places of refuge.

Retreat into neighbouring nations is no longer tenable, as the Multi National Joint Task Force ~MNJTF, with headquarters in Baga decimate Boko Haram insurgents who attempt a flight into any of Cameroon, Chad, or Niger.

Boko Haram, or as they call self Jama’atu AhlisSunna Lidda’awati Waljihad, will desire some backup from the Islamic Khaliphate [Caliphate] and by extension other armed Muslim organisations and supporters.

Material aid but more critical, an influx of gullible young Muslims is the ulterior motive for any avowal of allegiance.

Such Muslims hallucinate everyone is against them and dream of an enclave for idyllic Islamic way of life.

Anyone – Muslim or anarchist – dreaming of crossing into my beloved nation Nigeria to wreak havoc in the delusion of Paradise, should ask self:

What or who prevents Muslims in Nigeria, particularly in the North from living according to Allah’s Law?

Yes, that is right, the very same Muslims whose own culture is anti-Islam.

A second question is pertinent:

What or who stops these Muslims from rejecting own culture in favour of Islam?

Yes, right again, the very same who believe violence against innocent persons who practise Islam is a sign of one’s love of Allah.

Ironically, some Nigerians seek means to travel to Iraq and Syria to establish Allah’s Law, whatever that means.

Do live by Allah’s Law first and refrain from promoting disorder both at home and abroad.

Interestingly, Boko Haram claim to establish own Khaliphate.

However, desperation leads to undesirable outcomes.

Therefore, the pledge of allegiance is not far-fetched.

Besides, the ideology of both groups includes rendering Muslims vulnerable to attack by insurgents.

Anyone or nation deemed as not cordial to the movement is a legitimate target, for one is a kafir, murtad ~apostate, munafiq ~hypocrite and the list continues.

Should the targetted enlist the support of non-Muslims in defence of self and nation, such armed Muslim groups cite the violation of a prohibition of an alliance between Muslims and kuffar against Muslims.

One becomes a kafir, murtad ~apostate, munafiq ~hypocrite, all over again.

What remains unstated is that should a Muslim fight back without the assistance of a non-Muslim, one will not escape the kafir label.

That will be based on a distortion of:

When two Muslims raise a sword at each other in fighting, both of them are in hell. ~> The Messenger Of Allah

The real intention is for no one to oppose the insurgent groups.

Muslims are better with their hands cuffed – no form of resistance whatsoever to those who threaten and cause anarchy in our lands.

The general ideology is Muslims must be compliant victims.

Anything short of that earns one Allah’s Wrath.

That ideology also prevails in the mind of civilian Muslims.

Now, there is an alarm, as if one is needed.


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