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Imagine ordering a dish of freshly prepared meal of dog meat!


However, dog meat is considered a delicacy in some homes and climes.


Persons who are revolted by canine meat are not spared certain mischief.

Dog eaters deceptively offer the obnoxious flesh of a dog to an individual, knowing full well one disdains the very idea of dog meat consumption.

Dog eaters present the meat without informing one of what one is about to chew.

Only after unwittingly digesting dog meat will one be intimated of the type of meat.

Some even insist that one must accept and eat the dog flesh.

Of course, only persons one holds in trust can betray that trust.

Presented below are four cases of misleading a person to consume dog flesh.

In two of the instances, out of ignorance, dog meat was ingested.

The rest were of occasions when the recipient outsmarted the con artist.

The first incident involved a man Mansur who served a meal to a friend, after which he divulged the meat contained therein was of a snake.

Although snake meat is consumed in some homes, it takes the status of dog flesh.

That is, several individuals consider snake meat unconscionable for a meal.

Nevertheless, it is not rare to hear someone vibrantly narrate preparing a dish from a snake killed within the premises.

In any event, Mansur’s friend was annoyed and with good reason.

Nasir executed a perfect return match and served Mansur a meal prepared with the flesh of a dog.

The second case was a young man Imran who took his fellow female students to a restaurant.

They were all served pepper soup.

Only one of them knew what the meat in the soup was.

Back on campus, Imran revealed the secret.

The meat was that of a dog.

Firdaus is a woman whose sister-in-law invited to consume some meat the latter bought for her as a parting gift.

Disinclined to partaking of what she does not know, Firdaus politely declined.

The sister-in-law insisted she eat the meat.

Meanwhile, Firdaus heard a passer-by, in reference to the meat, mention dog in the in-law’s native tongue.

That was adequate cause for caution.

Firdaus later disposed of the meat.

The final narrative is a personal experience.

While resident in Lagos, at a neighbour’s apartment, a plate of rice was handed to me.

Laying on the grains was a large chunk of flesh.

The meat drew my curiosity.

It was huge, for a poor family.

The real sign was the colour of the meat.

The meat was bright red.

What type of meat is this? I reflected.

Aware the family do eat dog meat, I made an excuse.

I needed to get to my home to attend to a need.

I placed the plate on the table and calmly left.

My neighbours enquired after me asking I return to take the meal.

My reply: I am not hungry.

That was the last time I accepted a meal invitation from my neighbours.


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