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These are pivotal points from today’s – Wednesday March 14, 2015 – media briefing by Defence Headquarters’ Director Of Defence Information.

OPERATION SIX WEEKS - Nigerian Military Against Boko Haram 2

The most critical piece of information is discerned from:

Our partners – Niger, Chad and Cameroon – are entrusted with employing the instrumentality of the Multi National Joint Task Force ~MNJTF to contain any terrorist who heads towards our borders with neighbouring countries and preventing the formation of any new safe haven elsewhere.

All air strikes and ground campaigns are conducted by Nigerian troops.

What a relief!

Simply put, the duty of foreign troops is to curb “transborder activities” that generate insecurity.

There has been no compromise of any aspect of Nigeria’s sovereignty or soil to any foreign force.

It is heartwarming to acknowledge our defence chiefs continuously improve on data of sightings of Boko Haram insurgents.

That facilitates the policy of clearing operations to guarantee the safety of residents.

Lucid is the resolve against “going back or slowing” any facet of current military momentum to rout insurgents from every one of their enclaves.

The bulk of the media interaction focussed on General Chris Olukolade’s expression of appreciations of love and support for our troops from patriotic citizens and organisations.

We the citizens reciprocate that gratitude, for our military are our pride.

Our backbone is the fortitude of our soldiers and officers in the various departments of Nigerian Armed Forces plus the Nigeria Police.

A weighty word of advice for our military policymakers:

Please consider that when flushed from their camps, at least some of the insurgents will very likely temporarily merge into civilian life with the cover of family, relations and sympthatisers.

In that position, Boko Haram shall attempt to regroup.

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