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BROWSERS: One Two Three Many!!!

One mobile phone browser has a feature not present in others and vice versa.

The result is one has to jump from one browser to another in order to accomplish a task.

On my old Nokia cell phone, there are currently two browsers, both of which are irritatingly restrictive.

The two are Opera Mini and Nokia browser, with Opera as my main browser.

Previously, I had at least four different mini browsers, including UC browser.

UC browser was absolutely seamless and adorable.

However, the certificates for UC browser was lost when my phone crashed.

I have since been unable to replace the relevant certificates.

That equally means I am unable to download Opera Mini browser updates.

The simple file upload function on Opera is completely lost, at least for now, for some yet to be deciphered reason.

Nokia browser has never had that feature.

The browser freezes the moment one clicks any upload icon.

A positive on Nokia browser is the somewhat desktop view of some websites not readily available on that format on Opera.

Opera Mini browser is, of course, much more versatile than that of Nokia.

On my smartphone, there are three browsers, plus a variant of one of the browsers making four.

The two models are editions of Opera Mini, one slightly improved than the other.

UC browser is brilliant for copying text and saving images.

It is, however, unable to save pages.

The keyboard function is almost nonexistent and a retardation of a mega advanced mobile browser.

The lack of page saving in the UC makes Opera the desirable choice for research, as one can quickly save pages for later in-depth study.

Typing is more facilitated on the Opera.

Of course, the best of UC browser is its ability to download multiple heavy files with pause and resume features.

Its desktop feature is equally admirable.

The third browser on my smartphone loads only when it is in the mood to do so!!!

For that, I rarely employ it for my online life.

When the browser does choose to open a weblink, the features seem highly structured.

Developers should please design an all-embracing browser to save internet users the dilemma of one too many browsers.

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