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MOHAMMED EMWAZI | Jihadi John Repackaged

I just want to get away from these people.

These and other words of Mohammed Emwazi, widely known as Jihadi John, tell of his determination to escape intimidation by The Security Service ~MI5, the British domestic intelligence agency.

Sometime in 2013, the mission was accomplished with Mohammed’s clandestine exit from the United Kingdom.

Syria was his destination.

Interestingly, while British spies spared no effort to frustrate Mohammed’s attempt at a new civil life in Kuwait or anywhere else, they looked the way when he left Britain for Turkey.

As it shares a border with Syria, Turkey is a favourite transit point into Syria.

Yet, years earlier when Mohammed Emwazi and two friends travelled to Tanzania, the British government arranged their deportation the moment the airplane landed in Dar-us-Salam.

The allegation against the three men was that they intended to cross into Somalia.

For that, a flight into Kenya not Tanzania should be the sensible direction.

British intelligence – no intelligence demonstrated though – insisted the men had contacts in Tanzania who would facilitate their passage from Tanzania into Somalia via Kenya.

True to their threats, MI5 disrupted Mohammed’s life.

It is worth noting that while MI5 succeeded to intimidate innocent Muslims, such as his fiancee in Kuwait, who interacted with Mohammed, the British government would have the world believe that persons deemed a security threat were free to maintain contact with Mohammed.

The same intimidation has now been transferred to anyone or organisation domiciled in the UK who at any instant had contact with Mohammed.

Those persons, according to illogical conceptions, must be sympathisers or trainers of Jihadists.

Everyone who met Mohammed, no matter how far back in his life, aided him on his path to becoming the executioner for Islamic State ~ISIS/ ISIL.

– Everyone except the British police and spy agency.

Besides, the practice of incriminating previous school and university the accused attended diverts attention from burning issues.

How did this individual transform from a law-abiding citizen to one with a vengeance?

Common sense, though irrational responses are more common, ought to notice the pattern of Mohammed’s conduct while in Britain.

Mohammed was clearly desperate to end violations of his freedom.

Although contemplating suicide, Mohammed sought assistance to seek redress through legal means – the Independent Police Complaints Commission ~IPCC.

Why did he become the image of the ISIS/ ISIL executioner of alleged western spies?

For a start, only Mohammed can answer that; we can only analyse the facts.

In all honesty, I actually find the experiences of Mohammed Emwazi with Military Intelligence, Section 5 ~MI5 closely mirror mine with the State Security Service ~SSS.

The major demarcation is operatives of the Department Of State Security ~DSS who intimidated and imprisoned me in order to impose their religious doctrines on me are the terrorists.

I resist being turned into a liability.

Researching for this publication, I placed myself in Mohammed’s shoes; I knew what transpired in his mind.

What he should have done – if possible – was to send the frustration back to MI5.

Mohammed needed to have fought back within legal bounds.


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