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OPERATION SIX WEEKS – Nigerian Military Against Boko Haram | President In Baga

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President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan was in Baga town to cheer Nigerian troops on recent military victories against Boko Haram insurgents.

While in Borno State, he received much cheers in reciprocation from our soldiers.

The President also visited Mubi in neighbouring Adamawa.

Please do not miss:

1~ The triumphant exhilaration on the face and demeanour of our military officers.

The high morale of our army brightens my spirit.

2~ The gait of our military big boys!!!

Just look at them!!

The pride exhibited is absolutely indescribable.

Service chiefs left the comfort of their air-conditioned offices in Defence Headquarters in the Federal Capital Territory ~FCT Abuja to personally command our soldiers.

And, of course, the big boys just had to show off!!!

Serious laughter!!!!

Army generals are winning the war and reclaiming our towns and their posture in these photographs announce it.

I am curious whether the specially designed walking stick is the symbol of a military chieftancy title!!!!


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