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The United States Secretary Of State, John Kerry, in expressing disappointment over the postponement of elections in Nigeria decried political interference in the work of the Independent National Electoral Commission ~INEC.

Does the insistence of American administration that Nigeria’s election dates not be postponed qualify as government interference?

Do practise what you preach!

-Unless, of course, Barack Obama and his staff do not constitute the political class in the United States Of America.

INEC’s decisions consider the interest of the Nigeria Nation and not that of the United States.

Yes, the security of Nigerian voters is a genuine concern.

What free, fair, transparent and credible elections are held when a number of the electorate will be reluctant to venture to their respective polling unit because insurgents lurk nearby?

And no, we do not desire a remake of the 2014 elections in Afghanistan, where the president is selected and not elected.

Is a farcical election the US government’s concept of a democratic process?

And no, we reject the Egypt model as well, where the president’s mandate is less than 50 percent of the electorate.

Try not to impose democrazy on citizens of my dear nation.

Whether or not election dates are adjusted further depends on the Nigerian Constitution and not on the illusion that Nigeria is a subsidiary of the United States Of America.

Nigerians ought to be furious at politicians who in Lagos on Sunday January 25, 2015 warmly received the Secretary Of State of United States Of America.

One more thing, John:

Anyone who incites post-election violence in Nigeria should be allowed into the United States, and kept there!


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