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Nigerians will wake to the news that the February elections are no more.

The chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission ~INEC Professor Attahiru Muhammadu Jega during a press conference around 23:00 hours of Saturday February 7, 2015 has announced the postponement of the forthcoming general elections.

The new election dates are:

March 28, 2015 ~ Presidential, Senate and House Of Representatives polls

April 11, 2015 ~ Governorship and State House Of Assembly elections

I actually looked forward to having the elections over, so as to see the end to all the electioneering and its attendant violence.

While a debate raged among Nigerians over election date versus postponement, I was conspicuously reticent.

The decision, I left to the chairman, as he had access to information not publicly disclosed.

The national elections were earlier scheduled to hold on February 14 and 28, respectively.

7 days to the previously stated day for citizens to elect officials into the National Assembly and Aso Rock, fresh problems became clear.

Security agencies have somewhat toned their initial pledge to provide adequate security for lives and property in the North-East during the elections.

With renewed vigour to exterminate insurgency in Nigeria, security agencies fear the elections pose an additional crisis risk as their attention is engaged on resolving the anarchy created by Boko Haram.

A suggestion is for an ad hoc desk to be instituted to organise resources for election security in the North-East of Nigeria.

That recommendation is of benefit to Defence Headquarters, Abuja, and the Nigerian Army branch of the military especially.

The Nigeria Police Force ~NPF can intensify security provision in the rest of the nation with particular attention to the North and post-election violence.

The public clamour for a delay in elections had been based on the high number of electorate yet to collect their permanent voter’s card, the sole means of election franchise.

Yet, Attahiru revealed 96% of the PVCs has been distributed to their collection locations.

Hopefully, the rest will be ready within a couple of days.

Those voting cards should, however, have been ready several months before now.

There was, nonetheless, a consolation prize for viewers of the televised press conference.

Some confessed they found the INEC chairman attractive.

Incidentally, my publication of this article was postponed for two hours when I fell asleep while writing!

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